Wednesday’s news links – Feb. 17, 2021

US workers go on strike in 15 cities to demand $15-an-hour minimum wage Guardian

Amazon Accused of Putting Profit Before Virus Safety in New York Bloomberg

#OpenOurSchools: GOP targets teachers unions in bid to retake suburbs NBC

Illinois Cannabis Workers Seek Unionization As Corporations Move Into Industry Labor Press

The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 Explained As NAACP Sues Trump, Proud Boys For Violating It NewsOne

Trump, Giuliani and right-wing extremists groups are being sued in the name of a law established to protect Black people from white supremacy-waged violence.

George Floyd’s Family Slams LAPD’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ Valentine’s Day ‘Cruelty’ NewsOne


Texas Blackouts Hit Minority Neighborhoods Especially Hard NYTimes

Texplainer: Why does Texas have its own power grid? Texas Tribune

Frozen Wind Farms Are Just a Small Piece of Texas’s Power Woes Bloomberg

Don’t point too many fingers at Texas wind turbines, because they’re not the main reason broad swaths of the state have been plunged into darkness.

While ice has forced some turbines to shut down just as a brutal cold wave drives record electricity demand, that’s been the least significant factor in the blackouts, according to Dan Woodfin, a senior director for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the state’s power grid.

The main factors: Frozen instruments at natural gas, coal and even nuclear facilities, as well as limited supplies of natural gas, he said. “Natural gas pressure” in particular is one reason power is coming back slower than expected Tuesday, added Woodfin.


Jovenel Moïse Still Holds Power in Haiti, but the Tide May be Turning Haïti Liberté


Covid-Linked Syndrome in Children Is Growing and Cases Are More Severe NYTimes

Optimism as Cuba set to test its own Covid vaccine BBC

Up to a QUARTER of New Yorkers in the city’s wealthy white neighborhoods have been fully vaccinated compared to just two percent in poorer neighborhoods of color Daily Mail

Israel blocks Covid-19 vaccines destined for Gaza Middle East Eye

Indigenous Peoples

Oglala Senator Introduces Bills Protecting Native American Two-Spirit in South Dakota Native News Online


Blame the wind? In Texas, fossil fuels have actually played a larger role in leaving millions without power Business Insider

Texas Freeze Raises Cost Of Charging A Tesla To $900


Outrage in Philippines over mass arrest in a sanctuary school for indigenous children Peoples Dispatch


Spanish police storm university, arrest rapper Pablo Hasel convicted in free speech case


Trump Wanted to “Assassinate” Syrian President, Reveals Former Adviser OrinocoTribune

CBO Not Competent to Assess Economics of Minimum Wage INET

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