Sunday’s news links – Feb. 14, 2021

Indigenous Peoples

Federal Judge Rejects Apache Stronghold’s Request to Halt Transfer Sacred Oak Flat Because They Are Not a “Sovereign Nation” Native News Online

Lawsuit: The MTA Is Using The Pandemic To Exclude Homeless From The Subways Gothamist

NYC cops Keep Rioting; Protesters Resist Democratic Left

These workers could see the biggest pay bump from a $15 federal minimum wage CNBC

Indianapolis Museum of Art looking for director who will “maintain the Museum’s traditional, core, white art audience”

Violent attacks on Asian American Pacific Islander elders spark renewed focus on anti-Asian hate Axios


Amazon Files Preemptive Suit Over Covid-19 Worker Safety Common Dreams

Vaccine patents complicate efforts to scale manufacturing Axios

People Over 75 Are First in Line to Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. The Average Black Person Here Doesn’t Live That Long. ProPublica

California adds millions to COVID-19 vaccine eligibility list but frustrating waits, shortages loom LA Times

Why Opening Restaurants Is Exactly What the Coronavirus Wants Us to Do ProPublica

‘Beyond Outrageous’: Big Pharma Using Loophole to Get Taxpayers to Fund Billions in Fines for Fueling Opioid Crisis Common Dreams

Deflation, inflation or stagflation? Michael Roberts


Caught In The Act – New York Times “Selectively Misquotes” Scientists To Fit Its “Prescribed Narrative”

Peter Daszak, a member of the W.H.O. team and the president of EcoHealth Alliance in New York: “It’s disappointing to spend time w/ journalists explaining key findings of our exhausting month-long work in China, to see our colleagues selectively misquoted to fit a narrative that was prescribed before the work began. Shame on you @nytimes !”

California’s rainy season is starting about a month later than it did in the 1960s, researchers say LA Times

UK-US Brexit trade deal ‘could fill supermarkets with cancer-risk bacon’ Guardian

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