Saturday’s news links – Feb. 13, 2021

Renowned as a Black liberator, Harriet Tubman was also a brilliant spy Washington Post

Freedom Rider: Forced labor in the U.S. MRonline

Forced labor of Uyghurs in China is questionable, but there is absolute proof that incarcerated people in this country are forced to work for little or no pay.

Extended Rochester Police Body Cam Footage Shows Cops Who Pepper-Sprayed 9-Year-Old Girl Just DGAF About Black Children The Root

Indigenous Peoples

Court rules against Apaches in bid to halt proposed mine Indian Country Today

NYPD Still Babysitting Christopher Columbus Statues on Taxpayer Dime THE CITY


Medicare for All would have ensured the US had a better pandemic response CNN

COVID crisis: Laid off and evicted, more people make cars their home USA Today

The rollout of Russia’s Sputnik vaccine was roundly criticised, now more than a billion doses have been ordered around the world

Florida consumers ‘flabbergasted’ as property insurers push for double-digit rate hikes Reuters 

Lawmakers Reveal Details of $1.3B Rent Relief Program

Tesla spent $1.5B in clean car credits on bitcoin, the filthiest asset imaginable Amy Castor

Trump coup

New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters CNN

Impeachment Trial Is Not About Convincing GOP Senators—Many of Whom Were Trump’s Co-Conspirators FAIR

Historians say CNN wrong to compare Communists to Trump’s coup plotters People’s World

Biden formally ends Trump’s border emergency, but troops will stay Politico

CNN Declares BBC ‘Banned’ but CGTN ‘Withdrawn’ as UK and China Fire off in Propaganda Battle MPN

While this was clearly a tit-for-tat decision, many in the media still managed to frame it as a chilling blow for free speech in China, ignoring decades of media repression in the West.

Decoupling denied: Japan Inc. lays its bets on China

Massive state repression of protesters in West Bengal demanding jobs and educational opportunities Peoples Dispatch

Cuomo And The Lincoln Project Are Media-Created Monsters David Sirota and Andrew Perez

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