Sunday’s news headlines – Feb. 7, 2021

“That Could Have Been Me”: The People Derek Chauvin Choked Before George Floyd Marshall Project

For Media, Bezos’ Self-Made Billions Are a Separate Story From Amazon Stealing Tips FAIR


Why Opening Restaurants Is Exactly What the Coronavirus Wants Us to Do ProPublica

BREAKING NEWS – 115 violent prisoners take over St. Louis jail: Inmates set fires, injure guard and throw chairs out of smashed windows in anger over ‘unsafe’ conditions during the pandemic Daily Mail

Wall Street

GameStop Isn’t a Popular Uprising Washington Monthly

An exclusive look at the data indicates that big players are driving the price, not the little guy trading “stonks.” …

Unless most of the Reddit bunch have assets in the top one-tenth of one percent of Americans, they were mere bystanders to last week’s trading of 682 million shares at an average price of $218.20 — purchases totaling nearly $150 billion in a wildly volatile market. Only institutional investors have such resources to trade stocks, not self-styled populists with Robinhood on their iPhones.

Hedge funds may have manipulated GameStop in opposite directions, wringing out profits daily or even two or three times a day. If this is correct, the GameStop saga is not some populist uprising but a rolling version of “pump and dump,” a classic form of manipulation and naked shorting.

The GameStop Rally Exposed the Perils of ‘Meme Populism’ New York


Haitian opposition calls for national mobilizations against President Jovenel Moïse Peoples Dispatch


Moscow communists: Seven theses about the recent protests

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