Friday’s news links – Feb. 5, 2021

Amazon workers

Amazon intensifies ‘severe’ effort to discourage first-ever US warehouse union Guardian

Amazon Is Forcing Its Warehouse Workers Into Brutal ‘Megacycle’ Shifts Vice

Alphabet Workers Union hits Google data center contractor with labor complaint: We were banned from discussing wages, say staff The Register

Exclusive: indigenous Americans dying from Covid at twice the rate of white Americans Guardian

‘We Are Not Satisfied’: Andre Hill’s Family Calls For ‘Full Justice’ And Convictions After Cop’s Murder Indictment NewsOne


The So-Called Moderna Vaccine Is a Publicly Funded Miracle Counterpunch

The Sputnik V Vaccine and Russia’s Race to Immunity New Yorker

The vaccine really is 92% effective. Joshua Yaffa’s report in the New Yorker demonstrates that there was never any reason to doubt the methods used to produce the vaccine or the scientists who developed it.


Yemenis not to be fooled by US words on ending support for Saudi war: Houthi

How one billionaire family bankrolled election lies, white nationalism — and the Capitol riot Salon

Rebekah Mercer is “one of the chief financiers of the fascist movement,” says longtime GOP insider Steve Schmidt

Why Do These Uighur Witnesses’ Stories Constantly Change? MoA

The U.S. based Uyghur Human Rights Project which handles Ziawudun is part of the infamous World Uyghur Congress:

As this investigation establishes, the WUC is not a grassroots movement, but a US government-backed umbrella for several Washington-based outfits that also rely heavily on US funding and direction. Today, it is the main face and voice of a separatist operation dedicated to destabilizing the Xinjiang region of China and ultimately toppling the Chinese government. While seeking to orchestrate a color revolution with the aim of regime change in Beijing, the WUC and its offshoots have forged ties with the Grey Wolves, a far-right Turkish organization that has been actively engaged in sectarian violence from Syria to East Asia.

None of these links seem to have troubled the WUC’s sponsors in Washington. If anything, they have added to the network’s appeal, consolidating it as one of the most potent political weapons the US wields in its new Cold War against China.

Diplomat’s wife accused of killing British teen was working for US intelligence, lawyer testifies Stars and Stripes

The Unbearable Emptiness of Tom Brady Dave Zirin

How Trump won over Europe on 5G, cutting China out South China Morning Post

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