Tuesday’s news links – Feb. 2, 2021


CPS won’t lock out teachers this week, pushing back strike threat in hopes of ‘final resolution’ Chicago Sun-Times

Amazon’s Anti-Union Attack on Mail Voting NYTimes

Line cooks are at the highest risk of dying from COVID, says UCSF study SFGate

According to a new UCSF study, food and agricultural workers are at the highest risk of death from COVID-19 among working age Californians. The study, which analyzed deaths of essential workers between ages 18 to 65, found line cooks to be at the highest risk of all, more so than packaging machine operators, construction laborers and even nurses.

Clyburn targets OSHA, meatpacking companies with investigation of COVID-19 outbreaks


NYC Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout Left People Of Color Behind: Data

‘I don’t really trust experts,’ says New York Gov. Cuomo, as 9 health officials resign in protest over his Covid-19 ‘leadership’ RT 

Israel’s failure to inoculate Palestinians against Covid should be considered a war crime under international law Defend Democracy

Tesla’s dirty little secret: Its net profit doesn’t come from selling cars CNN

National Zoo panda cam Washington DC snow Giant Pandas enjoy snow WUSA9

The More We Learn About Crow Brains, the More Humanlike Their Intelligence Seems Discover

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