Friday’s news links – Jan. 29, 2021


6 Are Killed in Liquid Nitrogen Leak at Poultry Plant NYTimes

NFL Players Endorse Amazon Warehouse Workers Who Are Fighting To Unionize In Alabama Labor411

New York City Transit’s attempt to fire workers in subway booths illegal NY Daily News

Amazon Moves To Stop 5,000 Workers From Voting By Mail For New Union

Union membership falls in New York for the third year

US companies using pandemic as a tool to break unions Guardian

2020 was the economy’s worst year since 1946 Axios

Facebook Oversight Board overturned the social media company’s decisions Washington Post

Apple CEO Tim Cook links Facebook’s business model to violence CNBC

Self-styled militia members in three states began planning in November for recruits, weapons ahead of Capitol breach, U.S. alleges Washington Post

Is a vaccine trade war brewing? UnHerd

N.Y. Severely Undercounted Virus Deaths in Nursing Homes, Report Says New York Times

Bed Bath & Beyond’s stock tumbles toward a record loss, just as J.P. Morgan Chase discloses large stake MarketWatch

Suck It, Wall Street Matt Taibbi


China tells Taiwan that independence ‘means war’: report Fox News

US flexing its muscles by deploying military in South China Sea Economic Times


Serious Threat to Venezuela Resumen

Germany Stops Recognizing Former Deputy Guaidó as Interim President Orinoco Tribune


It’s Facebook versus India’s Farmers Countercurrents

Biden’s Attack on Climate Change Gives Surprise Reprieve to Coal Bloomberg

Where Trumpism Lives Boston Review

Support for pro-Trump Republicans remains driven by relatively well-off whites in fast-growing, rapidly diversifying suburbs—not by economic despair in rural America.

Caitlin Johnstone, JFK, and the Insurrection James DiEugenio

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