Tuesday’s news links – Jan. 26, 2021

Job losses from virus 4 times as bad as ’09 financial crisis AP

U.S. Suffers Sharpest Rise in Poverty Rate in More Than 50 Years Bloomberg

Why COVID-19 Has Run Amok in Los Angeles Prospect

The jam-packed living arrangements of frontline workers in an unaffordable housing market are partly to blame.

Biden Admonishes Reporter for Questioning Whether Vaccine Goal Is Ambitious Enough: ‘Give Me a Break’ Yahoo News

Biden has set a goal to vaccinate 100 million Americans during his first 100 days in office. … However, the seven-day rolling average for coronavirus vaccine doses administered to Americans currently sits at 912,000 … On Thursday, Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller asked Biden if the vaccination goal was “high enough,” since “that’s basically where the U.S. is right now.”

Supermarkets Identified as Most Frequent Place People Had Visited Before Positive COVID-19 Test: Study Inside Edition

Americans are being warned to stay out of supermarkets because of the danger of COVID-19. The warning comes amid new research that shows a clear link between COVID-19 exposure and grocery stores.

How the Fossil Fuel Industry Funds Fascism Common Dreams

The oil, gas, and coal industries support and fund white supremacy and far-right politics.

Crew abandoned aboard a bulk carrier in Kuwait.


Crew Abandoned for 11 Months Calls for Action Staging a Hunger Strike Maritime Executive

The crew of a bulk carrier abandoned by its owner and flag state is staging a hunger strike to call attention to their plight according to the International Transport Workers’ Federation. Desperate to get their back wages and return home the crew turned to this drastic action. The crew, which consists of Indian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Bangladeshi seafarers, has been stuck on the ship, the Ula, abandoned for the past 11 months at the port of Shuaiba, Kuwait. According to the ITF, the hunger strike began on January 7 in their effort to get off the ship and recover more than $400,000 in wages owed to them

Amazon, Owned By WaPo Owner Bezos, Slams Mail-In Voting On Unionization Vote Daily Wire

Pa. Port Authority Ban On ‘Black Lives Matter’ Masks Blocked

Unions file OSHA complaint over no Capitol mask mandate AP

With Scores of Union Contracts Expiring, 2021 Can Be a Year of Mass Solidarity Jacobin

Newark Airport Workers Are Still Fighting for Employee Health Care Coverage

Teamsters at Marathon St. Paul Park refinery begin strike Reuters

Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly again ‘too earlyBBC

Poor Nations Left Reeling After Bill Gates Advised Oxford to Ditch Open Source COVID Vaccine MPN

Covid: Dutch curfew riots rage for third night BBC


Canadians Against War on Yemen Block Shipment of Armoured Vehicles Headed to Saudi Arabia Common Dreams


Biden administration’s coercive Iran policy threatens a serious new regional crisis Gareth Porter


Biden and Xi fire hot first salvos over Taiwan Asia Times


As Angry Farmers Take to New Delhi’s Streets, Protests Turn Violent NYTimes

IndiaFarmers Hold Tractors-Rally on Republic Day teleSUR


Tunisians march against economic woes, police repression Peoples Dispatch


51% of people in NI want referendum on United Ireland in next five years – poll Irish Examiner

Key Lessons of Trump’s Failed Insurrection

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