Saturday’s news links – Jan. 23, 2021

The Joker’s Legacy Rosa Miriam Elizalde/Cubadebate/Resumen

In his final hours in the White House, Donald Trump released his administration’s “Accomplishments”, a boastful list of supposed political, economic and diplomatic successes, which is shocking both for what it says and what it omits.

Facebook purges left-wing pages and individuals

On Friday, Facebook carried out a purge of left-wing, antiwar and progressive pages and accounts … Facebook gave no explanation why the accounts were disabled or even a public acknowledgement that the deletions had occurred.

Amazon tries to delay warehouse union vote in Alabama The Verge


No freebies! Pfizer to charge for ‘extra’ Covid-19 vaccine doses as doctors squeeze vials of every drop to inoculate more people RT

COVID-19 exposure on flights is more common than you think. The US doesn’t share details, but Canada does USA Today

Double-Masking: Why Two Masks Are the New Masks NYTimes

People without symptoms spread virus in more than half of cases, CDC model finds Washington Post

The finding underscores the importance of following guidelines to wear masks and maintain social distancing

‘Deeply Alarming’: AstraZeneca Charging South Africa More Than Double What Europeans Pay for Covid-19 Vaccine Common Dreams

Another Way to Protect against COVID beyond Masking and Social Distancing Scientific American

Boosting indoor humidity in winter can hinder transmission of the virus

Biden says nothing can change the trajectory of the Covid pandemic over the next several months CNBC – not true, China showed it can be done with real public health measures and a six-week lockdown

China economy grows in 2020 as rebound from virus gains Washington Post

Special Report: How U.S. CDC missed chances to spot COVID’s silent spread Reuters

Fauci: Trump administration’s Covid strategy ‘very likely did’ cost lives Politico

Inflation Is Spreading Broadly into the Economy. Amid Surging Costs, Companies Raise Prices, and Customers Pay them, Despite Weak Economy, 10 Million Missing Jobs Wolf Street

135 Civil Rights Groups Oppose New Domestic Terrorism Statutes, Say Tackle Far-Right Violence With Existing Laws Common Dreams

Man who allegedly entered Senate chamber with taser, cuffs is ordered released pending trial Politico – no bail required (you know why)

Lawmakers, Journalists Back New Yorker Magazine Work Stoppage to Protest ‘Egregious’ Wage Proposal Common Dreams

Not An Easy Way Out: Democrats Share the Blame Simpler Than It Looks


China Imports Venezuelan Oil That’s Doctored to Skirt U.S. Sanctions Bloomberg

Raising their banner high: Fascism, imperialism, and anti-communism at the Capitol Hill riots Qiao Collective

Biden’s four years Michael Roberts

The pandemic slump of 2020 matches that of the 1930s, so it should eventually provide a boost to profitability. But it required a world war to end the Great Depression of the 1930s.

How the Civil War Got Its Name JSTOR Daily

From “insurrection” to “rebellion” to “Civil War,” finding a name for the conflict was always political.

Infowars and Goop sell the same exact pseudoscientific “wellness” products Quartz

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