Wednesday’s news links – Jan. 13, 2021

Facilities of the Guyana subsidiary of the ExxonMobil company, 2020.


Venezuelan Military Redoubles Air and Sea Patrols Due to US Military Threat Orinoco Tribune

The US and Guyana Begin Joint Maritime Patrol Operations teleSUR

Venezuela Accuses the US of Backing ExxonMobil in the Essequibo teleSUR

Indigenous Peoples

Hundreds of water protectors walk onto Line 3 worksite, 8 arrested Indian Country Today

Remember the Alamo (Differently) Texas Observer


‘Going Back to the Cheney Playbook’: Fears of War Grow as Pompeo Plans to Accuse Iran of Ties to Al Qaeda Common Dreams

VOA White House reporter reassigned after asking Pompeo about Capitol aftermath Vox

Trump coup attempt

Insurrection Timeline – First the Coup and Then the Cover-Up Moyers on Democracy

The Department of Defense’s January 8, 2021 press release purports to “memorialize the planning and execution timeline” of the deadly insurrection that it calls the “January 6, 2021 First Amendment Protests in Washington, DC.”*

The memo’s minute-by-minute account creates a false illusion of transparency. In truth, its most noteworthy aspects are the omission of Trump’s central role in the insurrection and the effort to shift blame away from Trump and his new Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. …

Understand what is happening. The US Department of Defense is reframing an attack on the Capitol and attempted coup as a “First Amendment Protest.” That benign label isn’t just a dog whistle. It’s a megaphone that blesses a violent insurrection, disguising it as the exercising of a constitutional right.

Republicans Led ‘Reconnaissance’ Tours of Capitol the Day Before Riots, Congresswoman Alleges NBC (Rep. Mikie Sherrill is a U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander)

“I was told later that members of that mob had zip ties, were wearing body armor and were looking to take prisoners…members of Congress,” the 48-year-old congresswoman said. …

“We can’t have a democracy if too many members of our police and our military are acting to overturn it and undermine it,” Sherrill said.

US Counterintelligence Chief Calls for ‘Accountability’ by Police, Security for Capitol Insurrection Sputnik

Another coup attempt?

Troops Flood a Rattled Washington Ahead of the Biden Inauguration NYTimes

Trump declares state of emergency in DC ahead of Biden’s inauguration as police reveal three more plots to attack the Capitol – including the ‘largest armed protest to take place on American soil’ – as FBI warns of armed unrest in ALL 50 states Daily Mail

On Telegram, the Paramilitary Far Right Looks to Radicalize New Recruits Ahead of Inauguration Day The Intercept

Joint Chiefs Confirm Biden Will Be Next President

Full statement: Message from Joint Chiefs on U.S. Capitol Riot

Trump’s coup—the press never took it seriously

At least 2 Capitol police officers suspended, more than a dozen under investigation over actions related to riot Washington Post

NY Judge’s Son Pictured at Capitol Riot in Fur Pelts, Police Gear Is Arrested Daily Beast

Parler’s amateur coding could come back to haunt Capitol Hill rioters ArsTechnica

How Socialists Resist Rightist Coups: Lessons from the Early Communist International John Riddell

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