Tuesday’s news links – Jan. 12, 2021

US designates Cuba as a “sponsor of terrorism” Peoples Dispatch

Cuba’s foreign minister Bruno Rodríguez Padilla criticized the move and called it hypocritical and cynical

US backs al-Qaeda in Yemen while dubbing its Houthi enemies ‘terrorists’ Grayzone

The US State Department designated Yemen’s Houthi movement — the most effective force in fighting al-Qaeda — as a “terrorist” organization. Meanwhile Washington and Saudi Arabia have supported al-Qaeda.

China hits back at U.S. move to lift communication restrictions on Taiwan

A small bureaucratic change at the Pentagon hints a major shift for US special-operations units Business Insider

Media Cry Wolf for Third Time on Afghan ‘Bounties’  FAIR

Despite stimulus help, fewer than 4 in 10 Americans could pay for an emergency $1,000 expense Yahoo

The Case Against $2,000 Checks Is Garbage David Sirota.

Koch financed coup attempt?

Freedom Caucus Chair Andy Biggs Helped Plan January 6 Event, Lead Organizer Says Intercept (Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, a former far-right North Carolina congressman, was head of the Koch brothers-supported House “Freedom Caucus.” Koch backing of “Freedom Caucus” not mentioned in the article.)

Club for Growth and Koch nurtured Freedom Caucus Politico – from 2015

Mark Meadows mingles with Koch brothers, billionaire GOP donors Asheville, N.C., Citizen-Times – from 2017

Capitol siege was planned online. Trump supporters now planning the next one. Washington Post

Cops and military

Officer resigns as Army investigates her involvement in Washington rally that led to U.S. Capitol riot CBS News

Off-duty police, firefighters under investigation in connection with U.S. Capitol riot Reuters

Army moves to oust officer who made jokes on TikTok about Nazi concentration camps Washington Post

The Rioters Weren’t All “Blue Collar MAGA” — They Were CEOs, Lawyers, & Police Officers

Republican Attorneys General Urged Protestors to ‘Fight’

It is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate the size of the crowd that stormed Capitol Hill The Conversation

The United States: the Democracy That Never Was Resumen

Police attack demonstration commemorating Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in Berlin Peoples Dispatch

America Through Nazi Eyes Dissent

The most radical Nazis were the most aggressive champions of U.S. law. Where they found the U.S. example lacking, it was because they thought it was too harsh.

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