Wednesday’s news links – Jan. 6, 2020

Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake 7 Times In His Back Won’t Face Charges Blavity

One Hospital System Sued 2,500 Patients After Pandemic Hit NYTimes

The largest health system in New York, led by a close ally of the governor, continues to sue over medical debt during the Covid-19 crisis, even after other big hospitals suspended lawsuits.


‘NY Times’ gushes over Israeli vaccination program — with bare mention of millions of Palestinians left out Mondoweiss

Why Isn’t New York Vaccinating More People? Political Currents

Andrew Cuomo hasn’t done much right related to COVID-19

Nebraska Won’t Vaccinate Undocumented Workers Political Wire

40% of Chicago teachers and staff didn’t report to schools as ordered, district says Chicago Sun-Times

Macy’s is shuttering 45 more locations this year, as part of its 3-year store closure plan CNBC

Wall Street Mega-Landlord Blackstone Prepares to Reap the Spoils of Another Crisis ZNet

Here’s what we know about the Google union so far Verge

Meet the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)


US killing of Gen. Soleimani ‘monstrous crime’ designed to escalate tensions: Analyst PressTV

Veteran whistleblower claims Trump has secret plan to trigger conflict with Iran and urges someone to leak the classified files Independent

Statement of the Tudeh Party of Iran: On the Dangerous Manoeuvres and Provocations of the US Government in the Persian Gulf Region!


US Invests Millions in Failed Attempts at “Democracy” in Cuba teleSUR


The Continuing Korean War in the Murderous History of Bombing Monthly Review


The war on China MR Online

Im/migrants & refugees

ICE Hunger Strikes Spread To Another New Jersey Jail Gothamist

Indigenous Peoples

Mother of Turtle Mountain Man Killed by Police Says Son was Shot 11 Times

‘Absolutely Outrageous’: UK Judge Denies Julian Assange Bail, Keeping WikiLeaks Founder in Prison Common Dreams

Fake Bomb In Stolen Tesla Was Planted By Radical Right Asshole, NYPD Says Jalopnik

Pull Back the Curtain on Trump’s Call to Georgia Election Officials and Out Pops the Kochtopus Wall Street on Parade

Among those on the call as an apparent advisor to Trump was attorney Cleta Mitchell. … Koch Industries has played an outsized role in setting the agenda for the Trump administration, so Mitchell’s presence on the Saturday phone call should not be that hard for her law firm to comprehend.

Cleta Mitchell, who advised Trump on Saturday phone call, resigns from law firm Washington Post

During the call, Mitchell complained that she had not been given access to certain information from Raffensperger’s office, and Trump relied on her to an extraordinary degree during the call.

Republican presidential candidates have won the national popular vote only once in the last 32 years. They have therefore depended on the electoral college for nearly all presidential victories in the last generation. Just need to twist a few votes to win the electoral college.

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