Sunday’s news links – Jan. 3, 2021

Amid Warnings of Surging Worldwide Poverty, Planet’s 500 Richest People Added $1.8 Trillion to Combined Wealth in 2020 Common Dreams

Twelfth worker at California poultry company dies of COVID-19 TheHill


The Apartheid Pandemic: As 10% of Israelis get Covid Vaccine, Zero Occupied Palestinians have– Will wait Months Juan Cole

One year of COVID-19: The known and the unknown Sandipan Talukdar

Some Covid Survivors Haunted by Loss of Smell and Taste NYTimes

People started breaking Covid rules when they saw those with privilege ignore them Guardian

Coronavirus emerged in many places, Chinese foreign minister says South China Morning Post


Helicopters fly above the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carriers in the South China Sea on July 16, 2020. Source: US Navy


Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop: Outlining U.S. South China Sea Policy Interglobalist

Trump coup?

D.C. is becoming a protest battleground. In a polarized nation, experts say that’s unlikely to change. Washington Post

Trump Plans to Fight the Election Even After ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally Ends Daily Beast

Trump Calls Georgia Runoffs “Illegal and Invalid” as Republicans Try to Get Voters to Polls Slate

Multiple senators are planning to object to certifying the 2020 presidential election Axios

Pence Says He Welcomes Objections to Electoral Tally Political Wire

Rep. Gohmert Calls for Street Violence as Another Legal Loss Sends MAGA World Spiraling Daily Beast

On Parler, Talks of ‘Civil War’ Follow Ted Cruz-Led Plan to Challenge Electoral Votes Newsweek

Far-right group Proud Boys claim they will attend January 6 DC rally ‘incognito’ and wear all black to blend in with antifa protesters Business Insider

Forecast for 2021 Michael Roberts

Weather forecasting is unpredictable; although the three-day forecast has got pretty good. In economics, forecasting whether an economy’s real GDP growth, employment, incomes and investment will rise or fall and by how much one year ahead is even more unreliable. … Very few countries have avoided a slump in 2020, specifically, China, Vietnam, Taiwan – and that’s about it.


What the New York Times left out of the Picture on Venezuela Resumen

What New Science Techniques Tells Us About Ancient Women Warriors NYTimes

“Drugs Don’t Work If People Can’t Afford Them”: Big Pharma to Raise Prices of 300 Medications on Jan. 1 Common Dreams

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