Saturday’s news links – Jan. 2, 2021

California’s largest nursing home chain amassed millions Washington Post

New York Halted Evictions. But What Happens When the Ban Ends? NYTimes

A crisis looms in the pandemic’s wake: Evictions that threaten to overwhelm schools, homeless shelters and food pantries.

Frustrations flare as $2,000 checks blocked for fourth straight day The Hill


Brain damage of patients with Covid-19 National Institutes of Health

In Far-Flung Places, COVID-19 Is Being Treated Early And Well. Here’s Why Americans Don’t Know This. TrialSiteNews

Dr. Paul Farmer: Centuries of Inequality in the U.S. Laid Groundwork for Pandemic Devastation DemocracyNow! 


We Are Cuba Viva, the Country that Resists and Triumphs Miguel Díaz-Canel

Trump coup?

‘Wild’ protests: Police brace for pro-Trump rallies when Congress meets Jan. 6 to certify Biden’s win USA Today

Joe Biden should end the US pretence over Israel’s ‘secret’ nuclear weapons Desmond Tutu

House of Representatives poised to swap out “he” and “she” for gender-neutral terms Axios

The Freedom Struggle Is a Labor Struggle, Then & Now Robin D. G. Kelley

The U.S. South and Labor’s Fate Against the Current

Timber Tax Cuts Cost Oregon Towns Billions. Then Clear-cuts Polluted Their Water and Drove Up the Price. ProPublica

Tech’s top seven companies added $3.4 trillion in value in 2020 CNBC

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