Friday’s news links – Jan. 1, 2021

Minneapolis Police Shoot and Kill Man During Traffic Stop Slate


Iran’s Top Diplomat Warns Trump Plotting to ‘Fabricate Pretext for War’ as US Flies B-52s Over Persian Gulf Common Dreams


U.S. warships transit Taiwan Strait, China denounces ‘provocation’ Reuters


Three Lessons From the World’s Biggest Worker Uprising Hampton Institute


Bewildered and angry, Northern Ireland unionists fret over place in UK Reuters

Brexit Britain is warned it will not get a US trade deal until ‘at least 2022’ because Democrat president-elect Joe Biden plans to rebuild ties with the EU Daily Mail


145 employees infected by coronavirus outbreak at Washington state Costco TheHill

World Faces Covid-19 “Vaccine Apartheid” Intercept

The Mutated Virus Is a Ticking Time Bomb Zeynep Tufecki

As a doctor in the Covid-19 era, I’ve learned that judging patients’ decisions comes easier than it should STAT

Fatigue, loss of smell, organ damage: A range of symptoms plague many Marylanders long after COVID-19 infection Baltimore Sun

19.5 million Americans remain on unemployment at end of 2020 Axios

Jobless claims still 4 times pre-pandemic level Politico

Gig workers bear the brunt of US labour market slowdown FT

Their Finances Ravaged, Customers Fear Banks Will Withhold Stimulus Checks NYTimes

Banks have the power to decide whether to let overdrawn customers gain access to the stimulus money being deposited into their accounts, but they have taken different approaches.

Senate Democrats’ Motion To Concede On $2,000 Checks Daily Poster

Capitulation became even more likely when Clinton-era Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, corporate Democratic pundits and billionaire-owned elite media outlets began parroting a series of eerily similar let-them-eat-cake talking points against the survival checks — which McConnell promptly used to bludgeon proponents of the bipartisan initiative.

OPINION: The MTA Breaks Faith With Access-A-Ride Users Streets Blog NYC

New York Times Joins Trump’s Anti-China Crusade Common Dreams

There is evidence that the pandemic was already present in Europe before the end of 2019, at a point where no one in China had any clear idea what they were dealing with.

Trump coup?

At Least 140 House Republicans Expected To Challenge Electoral College Result Forbes

Jan. 6 protests multiply as Trump continues to call supporters to Washington Washington Post

Trump returns to Washington early as allies plot challenge to Biden victory Guardian

Joe Biden to have new Secret Service team amid concern about Trump loyalty Guardian

Several incidents reportedly contributed to the heightened concerns from Biden’s allies that some agents and officers might be loyal to Trump. In what was described as an “unprecedented” move, the Secret Service had permitted former detail leader Anthony Ornato to temporarily leave his role and serve as White House deputy chief of staff. Ornato was among the coordinators of the June photo op for which Trump marched through Washington DC’s Lafayette Square to stand with a Bible – after peaceful protesters were forced from the area by troops on federal order, sparking uproar in political circles as well as among the public.

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