Wednesday’s news links – Dec. 30, 2020

Keyon Harrold Jr. Speaks Out After White Woman ‘Assaulted’ Him, Teen Son In Viral Video NewsOne

Ohio deputy who fatally shot Casey Goodson once said his job was to ‘hunt people’: ‘I love it’ TheHill

Report: Phoenix police officer said, ‘If the mayor defunds the police, I’m going to shoot her’ Arizona Republic

42% of Americans say their income is still below pre-pandemic levels CNN

Congress just passed the most important anti-corruption reform in decades, but hardly anyone knows about it Fortune

Is this the reason Trump vetoed Defense Act? The bill will require that the true, human owners of companies formed in the U.S. disclose their identities at the point of formation and upon any change—effectively banning anonymous shell companies. Currently, the U.S. is the easiest place in the world to form an anonymous shell company that can be used for money laundering, crime, and corruption.

This Day in History – Dec. 29, 1890: Wounded Knee Massacre Native News Online

Facebook shields Wounded Knee Massacre photos on anniversary, subverting history

Horrifying video of Navajo Oneida man being repeatedly tasered for praying at Petroglyphs


In Louisiana’s petrochemical corridor, COVID-19 spreads like cancer Scalawag

Fired boss at Tyson Iowa pork plant says COVID-19 betting pool was a ‘morale boost’ USA Today

The Cruise Ship Suicides Bloomberg

Confined mostly to tiny cabins as the pandemic unfolded, crew members struggled to cope.

The US is vaccinating people way too slowly. A top doctor says the federal government is to blame. Business Insider

A California woman in her 30s who said she’s a Disney employee said she got the coronavirus vaccine, while the state is being overwhelmed by a surge in cases Business Insider


Pompeo Weighs Plan to Place Cuba on U.S. Terrorism Sponsor List NYTimes

The move would complicate any effort by the incoming Biden administration to resume President Barack Obama’s thaw in relations with Havana.


Argentina legalized abortion, delivering a landmark victory to Latin America’s growing women’s-rights movement. NYTimes

Trump coup?

Trump asks U.S. Supreme Court to set aside Wisconsin’s election Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Giuliani reveals Trump campaign is filing new Supreme Court bid to try to overturn election result Independent

The Brexit deal Michael Roberts

No, Studying Marx Is Not Elitist Jacobin

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