Monday’s news links – Dec. 28, 2020

Millions face eviction, poverty as unemployment benefits expire while COVID-19 relief bill in limbo USA Today

How The Fracking Revolution Is Killing the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry DeSmog

The industry made a huge bet on fracking shale deposits to unleash the oil and gas reserves in that shale. It worked from a production standpoint; the industry produced record amounts of oil and gas. The difference is that, unlike traditional oil and gas production, the cost to produce fracked oil and gas was more than what the market was willing to pay for it. As a result, the U.S. fracking industry has lost over $300 billion.

Video Shows Black 14-Year-Old Falsely Accused of Theft in a SoHo Hotel NYTimes

A woman falsely accused the teenager of taking her phone in the video, which fueled concerns about racial profiling. It was shared by the teenager’s father, a prominent jazz musician.

Trump coup?

Mass confusion over Trump’s endgame as Washington barrels toward shutdown, economic crisis Washington Post


Joe Biden says he WON’T loosen all Trump’s immigration laws at Mexican border Daily Mail

Joe Biden Won’t Close Guantanamo Bay, But He Should American Conservative


Covid-19 pandemic has stranded 400,000 seafarers and triggered a humanitarian crisis Scroll

States Say They’re Decarcerating, Yet 1 in 5 Prisoners Has Had COVID Truthout

Ted Cruz helped Texas fracking billionaires reap millions in COVID aid relief: report AlterNet

If the U.S. Already Had a Covid Variant, We Wouldn’t Know The New Republic

Hospital CEOs Have Gotten Rich Cutting Staff And Supplies. Now They’re Not Ready For The Next Wave. Intercept

Meet The 50 Doctors, Scientists And Healthcare Entrepreneurs Who Became Pandemic Billionaires In 2020 Forbes


US fearmongering on China not rooted in facts, but racism Danny Haiphong

A Blatant Violation’: Sahrawis Dismiss Pompeo’s Announcement of US Consulate in Moroccan-Occupied Western Sahara Common Dreams

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