Friday’s news links – Dec. 25, 2020

Families on brink of eviction, hunger describe nightmare Christmas as $900 billion relief bill hangs in limbo Washington Post

About 14 million Americans will lose unemployment aid on Saturday after President Trump and Congress were unable to reach a deal.

Trump Golfs, Tweets Election Lies as 14 Million Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits Just After Christmas Common Dreams

Los Angeles breaks record for COVID-19 deaths on the day before Christmas Business Insider

Amazon Workers in Alabama Clear Hurdle in Fight for Historic Union Vote Common Dreams

A Second Top Black Female Employee Reveals She Was Fired From Google Back in September The Root

‘Trying to Kill Me’: Black Doctor Who Died of Covid-19 Posted Harrowing Video Alleging Medical Racism Common Dreams

Railroads Slashed Jobs Again in Nov, to Lowest in Many Decades, Traffic Down 17% since 2006, Stocks Soared to Record High Wolf Street


New study shows coronavirus capable of entering the brain, has similarities to HIV StudyFinds

US coronavirus death toll could reach 731,000 by April if states ease mandates but up to 45,000 lives could be saved by vaccine rollout, IHME predictions show as a record 120,000 patients face Christmas Day in hospital Daily Mail

Texas National Guard Sent to Overwhelmed El Paso COVID Morgues

L.A. County records 140 COVID-19 deaths in one day, a new record MSN

Check isn’t in the mail

House GOP rejects unanimous consent on $2,000 direct payments The Hill

Biden’s Austerity Zealotry Helped Cut The Stimulus Bill In Half David Sirota

Biden Says He Is “Unlikely” To Cancel $50,000 In Student Loan Debt By Executive Order Forbes


Trump’s Foreseeable Coup Attempt Common Dreams

Trump’s Military Coup Moment Has Arrived

Inside Trump and Barr’s Last-Minute Killing Spree ProPublica

Private executioners paid in cash. Middle-of-the-night killings. False or incomplete justifications. ProPublica obtained court records showing how the outgoing administration is using its final days to execute the most federal prisoners since World War II.


‘Unhinged, Lame-Duck President Wants to Start a War’: Warnings as Trump Blames Iran for Rocket Attack Common Dreams

The guided missile cruiser USS San Jacinto.


Navy Warship’s Secret Mission Off West Africa Aims to Help Punish Venezuela NYTimes

Indigenous Peoples

Stealing Native Children: the Revolting Legacy of Canada’s Residential School System Counterpunch

Bloomberg News Attempts to Capture the “Speculative Frenzy” of Today’s Markets; Here’s the Key Stuff It Missed Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Merry Christmas Eve 2020 and welcome to a rerun of the roaring 20s, complete with one-termer President Herbert Hoover in the White House, Wall Street running wild with unchecked corruption, and unprecedented income inequality.


Brexit trade deal: 11 curious and awkward details emerging from the small print Express

With Hacking, the United States Needs to Stop Playing the Victim Paul Kolbe/NYTimes. Kolbe served for 25 years in the C.I.A.’s directorate of operations overseas.

The United States is, of course, engaged in the same type of operations at an even grander scale. The National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency exist to break into foreign information systems and steal secrets.

An earlier universe existed before the Big Bang, and can still be observed today, says Nobel winner Yahoo! News

On Kautsky’s Foundations of Christianity Alan Woods

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