Friday’s news links – Dec. 18, 2020

Outcry Erupts After New Video Emerges Revealing Aftermath Of Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Blavity


An Internal Medicine Doctor and His Peers Read the Pfizer Vaccine Study and See Red Flags [Updated]

Did the FDA understaff its review of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine? STAT

Autoantibody Problems Science

Hot spot: California hospitals buckle as virus cases surge AP

Column: Some U.S. Steel Gary Works employees express COVID-19 concerns at mill; company says it’s taking precautions Chicago Tribune

Indigenous Peoples

Leave! Is the Message Dakota Women Have for the Pipeline Man-camps Lakota Times

Effacing Indigenous History One Obelisk at a Time Cara Despain

Seattle Police and protesters locked in stalemate at Cal Anderson Park Malcontent News


Two Months After a Historic Unionization Vote, Nurses in Asheville Prepare for First Negotiations 100 Days in Appalachia

Coke Firing 12% Of US Workers Due To Covid

Prison Industrial Complex: Report Reveals Shocking Growth of US Prisoner Exploitation MPN

White House aides talked Trump out of last-minute demand for stimulus checks as big as $2,000 Washington Post


A Very Trumpian Christmas Surprise? Signs Point to a Possible US Attack on Iran The Nation

THE CIA’S AFGHAN DEATH SQUADS. A U.S.-Backed Militia That Kills Children May Be America’s Exit Strategy From Its Longest War The Intercept

Congressional Democrats Are Raking in Huge Donations from War Profiteers Jacobin

Trump coup?

Following Deadliest Day of Pandemic, Trump Brags About the Stock Market Truthout

Dump of US Treasury bonds is due to dollar’s weakness Global Times

Fed Chair Powell Opens a Big Can of Worms at His Press Conference Rigged Game

US Media Outlets Claim Russia is Behind Massive Hack Without Evidence

Secret, Invisible Evidence Of Russian Hacking Is Not Actually Evidence Caitlin Johnstone


US-China tension: Pentagon’s 2021 maritime strategy has Beijing’s South China Sea activities in its sights South China Morning Post

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