Thursday’s news links – Dec. 17, 2020

Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer Washington Post

Nation’s poverty rate has risen at the fastest pace ever this year after aid for the unemployed declined.

America’s biggest companies are flourishing during the pandemic and putting thousands of people out of work Washington Post

A Post analysis found 45 of the 50 biggest U.S. companies turned a profit since March. The majority of firms cut staff and gave the bulk of profits to shareholders.

Congress to Pass $17 Billion Bailout of Airline Shareholders & Bondholders, to Top Off Prior Bailout. Industry Applauds, Airline Stocks Jump Wolf Street

Feds Executed More Prisoners Than All States Combined Death Penalty Information Center

Indigenous Peoples

UN experts raise concern over charges against US indigenous leader and rights defender UN News

“Everyone Is Tired of Always Staying Silent”: Inside a Worker Rebellion in the Central Valley Mother Jones


Under the Radar and at Warp Speed Cuba Leads Latin America towards Affordable Covid-19 Vaccines Resumen

Wall Street donates millions to back Republicans in Georgia Senate race Guardian

Trump coup?

North Carolina GOP lawmaker urges Trump to suspend civil liberties to keep power: ‘Invoke the Insurrection Act’ Washington Post

Republican contender for Va. governor says Trump should declare martial law Washington Post

Trump Floated Not Leaving White House on January 20 CNN

Ex-Houston police captain accused of assault after holding man at gunpoint in effort to prove bogus voter fraud claim AP

He thought the air conditioning repairman’s truck was stuffed with bogus ballots. It was actually full of .. air conditioning parts.

UM Fires History Professor Who Criticizes ‘Powerful, Racist Donors’ And ‘Carceral State’ Mississippi Free Press

‘Buy it or else’: Inside Monsanto and BASF’s moves to force dicamba on farmers Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Keeping tax low for the rich does not boost economy LSE

A CIA Officer Has a Headache. Media Blame Russia FAIR

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