Wednesday’s news links – Dec. 16, 2020

Mapped: The Risk of Eviction and Foreclosure in U.S. States Visiual Capitalist

Locked Down and Broke: 20,000 Vermonters Could Lose Unemployment Benefits Seven Days Vermont

City of Chicago doesn’t want you to see video of cops raiding wrong house, humiliating naked woman Boing Boing

“Amazing” Hypocrisy: Democrats Make Wreck of Covid-19 Relief Negotiations TK News

Democrats stonewalled all year on a new pandemic relief package. Now they’re proposing a new plan that undercuts even Republican proposals, and screws everyone but – get this – defense contractors

Why the Cleveland Indians Will Change Their Name Dave Zirin


Researchers Estimate Mass Incarceration Contributed To More Than Half A Million Additional Cases Of COVID-19 Over The Summer The Appeal

If 300,000 died from COVID-19 in China, how would West react? Global Times editorial

In short, if China were the country with the worst response and greatest loss in the global disaster, the U.S. and the West would have launched a tsunami-level ideological attack against China. The attack will extend to other areas and lead to a major and long-term confrontation. Fortunately, the actual situation is the opposite.

California orders body bags as intensive care swamped by Covid France24

Who is doing all those COVID-19 tests? Why you should care about medical laboratory professionals The Conversation

Santa likely delivered coronavirus to nursing home, infecting 75 people Boing Boing

Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C. NYTimes

America Is Running Out of Nurses New Yorker

Racial disparities in Covid-19 are bad. They’re even worse in cancer STAT

Researchers Warn of Looming Oil Spill Four Times Larger Than Exxon Valdez If Urgent Action Not Taken Common Dreams

Big Oil Slammed With A $7 Trillion Reality Check OilPrice

Big Pharma strikes back Real-World Economics Review

Trump Financial Regulator Quietly Shelved Discrimination Probes Into Bank of America and Other Lenders ProPublica


Iran’s Pres. Rouhani to Biden: We will Fulfill our Nuclear Obligations on Day One if you Return to 2015 Deal Juan Cole

Trump coup?

Some House Republicans plan last ditch challenge to election results during Electoral College tally Axios

Republicans Will Take Their Assault on Democracy to Congress—and It Will Be Awful Nation

Lindsey Graham: Big ‘threats to conservatism” are election officials helping people to vote, and social media disinformation crackdown Boing Boing


President Trump to veto national defence bill, White House says Al Jazeera

Broad support in Congress for bill containing language that would impose limits on US troop withdrawals from overseas.

Caste Does Not Explain Race Charisse Burden-Stelly

The celebration of Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste reflects the continued priority of elite preferences over the needs and struggles of ordinary people.

Indigenous Peoples

Chile reserves seats for indigenous as it prepares to rewrite Constitution Reuters

Why We Need to Adopt Friedrich Engels’ Thinking on Science in These Times Counterpunch

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