Monday’s news links – Dec. 14, 2020

Moment when protesters stand off with NYPD as scuffles break out and 19 people are arrested in Brooklyn during demonstration against pandemic evictions Daily Mail

Cops arrest protesters during anti-eviction march in Downtown Brooklyn Brooklyn Paper

GOP Megadonor Celebrates His Profits From “Huge Increases In Rents” As Millions Face Eviction Daily Poster

U.S. Poised for Wave of Evictions in January as Federal Ban Expires Wall Street Journal

Between 2.4 million and 5 million American households are at risk in January alone

Kelly Loeffler Slammed for Posing With Former KKK Leader Ahead of Georgia Runoff Elections Newsweek

Texas Cop Who Shot Unarmed Joshua Feast In The Back Previously Brutalized Another Young Black Man NewsOne

“Reminiscent of cross burnings”: Vandals hit Black churches during pro-Trump protests in D.C. Axios

Group burns Black Lives Matter banner taken from DC’s oldest Black church during MAGA protest WUSA

1 person shot in Olympia during clashes between pro-Trump demonstrators and counterprotesters Seattle Times

Cleveland’s Baseball Team Will Drop Its Indians Team Name NYTimes


Reevaluating Children’s Role in the Pandemic Spiegel

A large study from Austria shows that SARS-CoV-2 infects just as many schoolchildren as it does teachers. Other surveys indicate that while young children may show no symptoms, they are quite efficient at spreading the virus.

EXCLUSIVE: Boeing will give $1 million to Joe Biden’s inauguration after president-elect chooses to take corporate contributions Business Insider

Trump administration helped GOP donors get Syria oil deal Responsible Statecraft

Trump coup?

Legislative office buildings in Lansing closed Monday over security concerns Detroit Free Press

The Michigan State House and Senate office buildings have been forced to close their doors Monday after receiving violent threats coinciding with the day that the state’s electors are due to cast their votes for Joe Biden.

Church Pastor on Trump Supporters Burning BLM Sign: “It Was Reminiscent of Cross Burnings” Slate

“In Case There Was Any Doubt Regarding ‘Stand By'”: Four People Stabbed After Pro-Trump DC Rally Common Dreams

Pro-Trump protesters rally for a coup: “We’re not going anywhere” Vox

Trump tells ‘Fox & Friends’ election challenges ‘not over’ ahead of Electoral College vote Fox News

Trump Allies Eye Long-Shot Election Reversal in Congress NYTimes

As the president continues to refuse to concede, a small group of his most loyal backers in Congress is plotting a final-stage challenge on the floor of the House of Representatives in early January to try to reverse Mr. Biden’s victory.

Why agriculture shouldn’t be left to free market Peoples Dispatch

Beyond Big Meat. Just six companies control two-thirds of the nation’s meat production. TNR


Venezuela: Hilarious Headlines Reveal Hypocrisy of US Regime-Change Aspirations Resumen

Western Sahara

US recognition of Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara illegal: Algeria PressTV

Workers riot at India iPhone factory over ‘exploitation’ claims AFP

Ramstein Air Base In Germany Experiences Potential Incoming Missile Scare The Drive

Marx Didn’t Invent Socialism, Nor Did He Discover It Steve Lalla

Google Services Including Gmail, YouTube Suffer Major Outage Bloomberg

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