Saturday’s news links – Dec. 12, 2020

The Reclaimers Are Fighting the Vacant Housing Crisis

Protesters erect new autonomous zone in Portland to prevent Black family’s eviction Newsweek

6 Injured When Driver Rams Into Protest Against ICE in Manhattan NYTimes

Trump coup?

More than 60% of House Republicans support of pro-Trump lawsuit overturning election results USA Today

Texas GOP chair floats secession for ‘law-abiding states’ after Supreme Court defeat TheHill


AstraZeneca hitches ride with Russia’s Sputnik in vaccine race Reuters

New on the COVID-19 Front Lines: Children May Be Driving the Pandemic After All Der Spiegel

Coronavirus airborne: Infrared video shows how droplets spread the virus Washington Post

Covid-19 in the US: a society that puts the individual before public health lacks common sense South China Morning Post

Food crisis

More American families struggling to afford food. Can food banks cope? CSM

Deal or no deal, millions of jobless Americans stand to lose aid lifeline Politico

Landlords Have Filed More Than 150,000 Eviction Notices Already. By January It Will Get Much Worse. Mother Jones

Unsold U.S. Hotel Rooms Near 1 Billion as Lodging Crisis Deepens Bloomberg

U.S. Billionaire Wealth Surges Past $1 Trillion Since Beginning of Pandemic — Total Grows to $4 Trillion Institute for Policy Studies

‘We Knew She Was a Fraud’: Gabbard Blasted for Anti-Trans Bill After Claiming to be LGBTQ Ally Sputnik

‘US Leadership’—and Other Euphemisms for War FAIR


Biden’s promised Cuba reset has big tech implications TheHill


China’s vaccine gambit ScienceMag

Qiao Collective on challenging U.S. aggression on China, the role of the Western left Monthly Review


Haiti: Loyal to Washington, New Police Chief Léon Charles Specializes in Counter-Insurgency Intelligence Gathering and Repression Haiti Liberte

Haiti: A New National Intelligence Agency With Unlimited Power


Honduras is ruled by corrupt US-backed drug cartel: Opposition leader speaks out Grayzone


Argentina Is One Step Away From Legalizing Abortion Vice

The First Modern Victim of Fake News Was a Socialist Daily Beast

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