Wednesday’s news links – Dec. 9, 2020


Social Security Administration is preparing to bar 500,000 Americans from getting benefits The Hill

US stocks slide as investors balk at stimulus delay and surging COVID-19 cases Business Insider

Trump Administration Lowballs Unemployment Benefits In New COVID-19 Offer HuffPost

White House proposes dramatically lower unemployment benefit in exchange for $600 stimulus check Washington Post

Tucked into the Covid-19 stimulus package? Protection for corporations Guardian

Bull Market? Had Three Dow Stocks Not Been Removed in August, 43 Percent of Dow Stocks Would be Negative Year-to-Date Wall Street on Parade

Why some eastern Idahoans are being served, arrested and sometimes jailed over medical debt East Idaho News

Trump coup?

‘What Can We Do to Fix It?’ Trump Reportedly Offered to Help Pennsylvania GOP Attempt to Overturn Biden Win Common Dreams

Texas sues four battleground states in Supreme Court over ‘unlawful election results’ in 2020 presidential race CNBC

Texas sues states Biden won in Supreme Court, seeking to delay Electoral College vote The Hill

Arizona Republican Party Now Calling on Voters to Fight and Die For Trump’s Election War Mediaite

The Arizona Republican Party escalated its rhetoric by urging people to fight to the death on behalf of President Donald Trump’s attempts to dispute the 2020 Election.

Alito Sparks Worry Supreme Court Could Intervene

“As states prepare to lock-in their Electoral College delegates by Tuesday night’s ‘safe harbor’ deadline, Justice Samuel Alito is feeding speculation that the U.S. Supreme Court could upend the 2020 election results in an eleventh-hour intervention,” ABC News reports.

“Alito sparked intrigue Sunday morning when he quietly moved up a key filing deadline — from Wednesday to Tuesday — in an emergency appeal brought by allies of President Trump in Pennsylvania. The change effectively keeps open the possibility of court action before the state’s delegates are set in stone.”


Biden is forming a business-friendly administration Yahoo Finance

Biden’s Choice For Pentagon Chief Further Erodes a Key U.S. Norm: Civilian Control Glenn Greenwald

Biden’s reliance on retired military brass sets off alarm bells Politico

Wall Street Vultures Are Ready to Get Rich From Water Scarcity TNR

The basis of all human life is now officially on the market. Call it the No Future futures index.


“It Reveals Your Lack of Morals”: President Maduro’s Reaction to Duque’s Order to Close Colombian Airspace (International Observers Stranded) Orinoco Tribune

Scientists Are Slamming A Report Saying Microwave Attacks Could Have Caused “Havana Syndrome” In US Diplomats BuzzFeed

“The report does not make a coherent argument why microwaves should be involved,” one critic said.

The Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie The Intercept

A viral conspiracy theory blends together legitimate critiques with truly dangerous anti-vaccination fantasies and outright coronavirus denialism.

How the ‘great reset’ of capitalism became an anti-lockdown conspiracy Guardian

Ireland and U.S. Imperialism Monthly Review

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