Tuesday’s news links – Dec. 8, 2020

Millions of Tenants ‘Headed for Absolute Disaster’ After New Year, Owing Average of Nearly $6,000 in Rent and Utilities Common Dreams

Latest Jobs Report Bad News for Unemployed Workers CBPP

Second stimulus check updates: Lawmakers say COVID-19 relief bill won’t offer $1,200 direct payments to most Americans Chicago Tribune

‘Real Households Are Going To Be In Dire Straits’: JPMorgan Liaises With Biden On Stimulus  Heisenberg Report

‘It Makes Me Angry’: These Are the Jobless in a City Filled With Wealth NYTimes

Los Angeles police converge on peaceful Black Lives Matter protest at mayor’s house LATimes

Trump coup?

‘This Must Be Your First’ Acting as if Trump is trying to stage a coup is the best way to ensure he won’t. Zeynep Tufekci, The Atlantic

The U.S. president is trying to steal the election, and, crucially, his party either tacitly approves or is pretending not to see it. This is a particularly dangerous combination, and makes it much more than just typical Trumpian bluster or norm shattering. … in English, only one widely understood word captures what Donald Trump is trying to do, even though his acts do not meet its technical definition. Trump is attempting to stage some kind of coup, one that is embedded in a broader and ongoing power grab.

‘Everything is drying up’: As springs on Hopi land decline, a sacred connection is threatened Arizona Central

California Water Futures Begin Trading Amid Fear of Scarcity Bloomberg


Navajo Nation Extends Lockdown Due To “Dire” Surge Of Coronavirus NPR

Florida State Police Raid Home Of COVID Whistleblower, Point Guns At Her & Her Family, Seize All Her Computer Equipment TechDirt

Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard Tallahassee

Want Vaccines Fast? Suspend Intellectual Property Rights NYTimes

Otherwise, there won’t be enough shots to go around, even in rich countries.

‘Nobody Sees Us’: Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand NYTimes

Pandemic pushing America’s 911 system to breaking point, ambulance operators say Washington Post

Photo of Christmas tree with ‘thugshots’ deleted by Alabama sheriff’s office after backlash NBC News

Southern schools’ history textbooks: A long history of deception, and what the future holds USA Today

Google workers reject company’s account of AI researcher’s exit as anger grows Guardian


US Media, Pols Rage After Venezuelans Defy US Empire to Re-elect Socialists MPN

Despite the fact that the election was overseen by over 4,500 international observers, US pols and media pundits alike labeled it a sham before it even took place.

Climate change

Climate Change Is Ushering in a New Pandemic Era Rolling Stone

Greenland’s ice sheets soon face point of no return, lead to permanent change for tens of thousands of years Firstpost

11 Minutes of Exercise a Day May Help Counter the Effects of Sitting NYTimes

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