Friday’s news links – Dec. 4, 2020

Massive strike at 11 Infinity Healthcare nursing homes enters second week Chicago Crusader


US virus deaths top 3,100 in a single day for the first time AP

Pfizer chairman: We’re not sure if someone can transmit virus after vaccination TheHill

Designing Vaccines for People, Not Profits Project Syndicate


More bad news about the Pandemic Recession: Longer hours RWER

California tops Hawaii as the state with the worst unemployment picture in the US Yahoo Finance

Student Loan Horror Stories Matt Taibbi

Black leaders express concerns about representation in Biden administration TheHill

‘Emancipation Never Really Came to Agriculture’ FAIR

Law enforcement training guide calls Black Lives Matter activists ‘terrorist trained troops’ TheHill

Collapsed Arecibo Radio Telescope Was Originally Built For Ballistic Missile Defense Research The Drive


Top AI ethics researcher says Google fired her; company denies it Reuters

Google Employees Say Scientist’s Ouster Was ‘Unprecedented Research Censorship’ NPR


Xi announces major victory in poverty alleviation Xinhua

How China Took Control Of Exxon’s Supergiant Iraqi Oilfield OilPrice


Bomb Libya and take its oil: Biden budget chief pick Neera Tanden agreed with Trump Grayzone

Scientist, Spy Chief, Apologist for Torture? Meet Biden’s New DNI American Conservative

Commentary: Want to avoid pandemics? Eliminate factory farming Chicago Tribune

Pollution from car tires is killing off salmon on US west coast Guardian

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