Thursday’s news links – Dec. 3, 2020

“This Strike Is a Fight for Our Lives”: Healthcare Workers Are Walking Off the Job to Demand Pandemic Protections In These Times

Health-Care Workers Turning to Strikes as Covid-19 Surges Again Bloomberg

U.S. tops ‘unfathomable’ milestone of 100,000 Covid hospitalizations: ‘We’re all on edge’ CNBC

As Hospitals Fill With COVID Patients, Medical Reinforcements Are Hard to Find KHN

How Many Died From Coronavirus at the Bronxwood Assisted Living Facility? No One Knows. New Republic

One person in the room with you has COVID-19. Here’s how long it takes to get infected FastCompany


More Americans Pay Rent On Credit Cards As Lawmakers Fail To Pass Relief Bill WBUR

Democrats introduce legislation to strike slavery exception in 13th Amendment TheHill

Trump coup?

Trump escalates baseless attacks on election with 46-minute video rant Washington Post

It Seems Bad That the Guy the President Just Pardoned Is Calling for Him to Execute a Military Coup Esquire

General Michael Flynn calls for Trump to suspend the constitution and declare martial law to re-run election Independent

NAACP warns Biden over Rahm Emanuel rumors Fox News

Police guide calling BLM and antifa terrorists draws outrage Los Angeles Times

Possible HHS Pick Shielded Nursing Homes From Liability During COVID Outbreak The Daily Poster

Indigenous Peoples

AIM co-founder Eddie Benton-Banai dies Indian Country Today

A credit crash ahead? Michael Roberts

The pandemic global slump of 2020 is different from previous slumps in capitalism. The boom and slump cycle in capitalist production and investment is often triggered by a financial crash, either in the banking system (as in the Great Recession of 2008-9) or in the ‘fictitious capital’ world of stocks and bonds (as in 1929 or 2001).


Did Trump Order Iran Assassination? Abby Martin, Empire Files on YouTube

Majestic Trees Are Being Clear-Cut in American Suburbs Bloomberg

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