Tuesday’s news links – Dec. 1, 2020


As COVID-19 Surges, Some Trader Joe’s Workers Say They’re In A “State Of Terror” Gothamist

Food Delivery Apps Are Booming. Their Workers Are Struggling. NYTimes

Amazon Reportedly Has Pinkerton Agents Surveil Workers Who Try To Form Unions NPR

Amazon Is Facing an Unprecedented Union Vote in the Right-to-Work South Jacobin

Profits over people: Frontline workers during the pandemic Monthly Revie

Bronx Grapples with ‘Deepest Inequalities in America’ as COVID Surges Again The City

Covid-19 Likely in U.S. in Mid-December 2019, CDC Scientists Report WSJ

Coronavirus Was In U.S. Weeks Earlier Than Previously Known, Study Says NPR

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Ghosts of Segregation NYTimes

Vacancy Rate at Iconic Manhattan Tower with 899 Apartments Hits 26%: This Shows How Fast & Massive the Exodus Has Been Wolf Street

Indigenous Peoples

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe spokesman: ‘We have thousands of people who live here, and only 8 hospital beds’ MSNBC

Bank of America latest to say no to financing Arctic drilling AFP

‘Sistine Chapel of the ancients’ rock art discovered in remote Amazon forest Guardian



San Isidro; the Latest Episode of the Imperial Reality Show Resumen

Maradona’s Doctor Charged with Wrongful Death Orinoco Tribune

The World’s Largest Trade Pact Could Crush U.S. Gas Exports Tsvetana Paraskova

Much of the U.S. Could Be Uninhabitable by 2050 Thomas Neuburger

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