Monday’s news links – Nov. 23, 2020

Michigan Could Face ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Over Election: State House Speaker Newsweek

Michigan Board May Deadlock on Vote Certification Detroit Free Press

Tela Troge holding “Honk for Indigenous Rights” and Shinnecock elder Jennifer E. Cuffee-Wilson holding “This Indigenous Woman ‘I’m Done’” sign at rush hour.

Indigenous Peoples

Why Indigenous activists are occupying the Hamptons until Thanksgiving

Camp Mni Luzahan launches community Covid-19 testing


Hundreds of bodies of NYC COVID victims are still in refrigerator trucks Daily Mail

Ted Cruz suggests he won’t give up Thanksgiving plans as his home state of Texas sends in the National Guard to process dead bodies Business Insider

Biden’s COVID Plan Is Better Than Trump’s, But Still Far From Sufficient Rob Wallace

Enslaved Africans and U.S. history NYTimes

US again threatens sanctions on European companies over Nord Stream 2 as Russian-German pipeline project ploughs ahead RT

Facebook condemned for hosting neo-Nazi network with UK links Guardian

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