Wednesday’s news links – Nov. 18, 2020


Trump’s Requested Strike on Iran Could Kill More People Than Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki Common Dreams

Security officials worry Israel and Saudi Arabia may see the end of Trump as their last chance to go to war with Iran Business Insider

US government clears debt collectors to go after Americans through their social media accounts Register

Mid-November Hurricane Iota was the latest Category 5 on record Ars Technica

A doctor waits for patients to arrive at the Policlinico Tor Vergata hospital where patients suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are being treated in Rome, on Nov 13, 2020.


Virus found spreading in Italy in 2019 China Daily

As the World Health Organization assembles international experts to study the origin of the novel coronavirus by first focusing on China, a study shows that the virus had existed in Italy months before it was first detected in China

Government-Funded Scientists Laid the Groundwork for Billion-Dollar Vaccines KHN

Trump’s Capitol Death Grip Worsens COVID Surge Capital & Main

Trump Counties Make Up Just 29 Percent of U.S. Economic Output, 2020 Election Study Shows Newsweek

ELECTION 2020: Establishment Dems Can’t Say ‘No’ to Billionaires Consortium News

MTA budget proposal with ‘unfathomable’ cuts includes loss of over 9,000 jobs NY Post

Utah Teachers Organize ‘Sickout” Strikes – Striking Wash Fruit Workers Unionize – Atlantic City Teachers Strike – OSHA under Biden: A Preview Payday Report

1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions – study Guardian


China launching state rival to Elon Musk’s SpaceX Asia Times

The New Space Race NEO

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