Tuesday’s news links – Nov. 17, 2020

Justice Department Asserts Unreviewable Discretion to Kill US Citizens Court House News

Students sue NYC DOE over racial discrimination NY Daily News

Richard J. Daley a ‘horribly racist mayor,’ great-grandson says in letter Chicago Sun-Times

Colin Kaepernick

Free Mumia!

Colin Kaepernick Throws Down For Mumia

Colin Kaepernick demanded Mumia Abu Jamal’s release and laments the 38 years of Mumia’s life that he has been held behind bars. Today’s press conference, hosted by Dr. Johanna Fernandez and sponsored by a long list of organizations included many leading intellectuals and activists along with Angela Davis, Pam Africa, and Kaepernick who is an adamant supporter of abolitionists, and who published Mumia’s essay “The Demand for Abolition” among others.

You can read the transcript and listen to the audio and watch the video. Other notable speakers at the event were Angela Davis, Pam Africa, and Kwame Ajamu.

The Red Nation Statement on US Elections 2020

Trump coup?

Georgia secretary of state says Sen. Lindsay Graham wants him to dump ballots Washington Post

The real 2020 election scandal: voter theft targeting Black people, youth MPN

Trump talked out of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities last week: report MarketWatch

Twitter Suspends Account of Iranian Oil Minister Zanganeh Bloomberg

Trump administration begins last-minute leasing process for arctic drilling CNN

Capitalist crisis

A ‘huge wave of evictions’ is possible in January CNN

Millions of Americans risk losing power and water as massive, unpaid utility bills pile up Washington Post

More than 179 million people may be at risk for shut-offs as many state protections end.

An estimated 205 million Americans are at risk of utility disconnection. CNN

2021 is Going to Be Even Worse Than 2020 as UN Warns of ‘Multiple Famines of Biblical Proportions’ Sputnik

Hundreds of Companies Failed Despite Pandemic Relief Political Wire

Biden’s Popular Vote Margin May Top 7 Million

How a toxic pile of roofing shingles was dumped in a Dallas Black Community Washington Post


Cuba Could be on the Brink of a Revolutionary COVID Vaccine, But US Sanctions Are Slowing It Down MPN


1 year after the Sacaba massacre, Bolivians commemorate victims and demand justice Peoples Dispatch


How a communist woman health minister in Kerala, India fights Covid-19 Science


Peruvian People Celebrate President Manuel Merino’s Resignation teleSUR


Eyeing China, Australia joins ‘Quad’ drill with US, Japan, India Al Jazeera

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