Monday’s news links – Nov. 16, 2020

“Antifa Ends Tonight”: Proud Boy Attacks Send Several to Hospital in Critical Condition; Black Lives Matter Signs and Memorials Destroyed

80 percent of those who died of Covid-19 in Texas county jails were never convicted of a crime Vox

Up to 15 million Americans face a devastating loss of pandemic stimulus ‘the day after Christmas’ Yahoo News

Covid 2021: more calamity ahead? Michael Roberts

Whitewashing the Great Depression Atlantic

Newly Released Video Footage Shows Black Veteran Died After Police Hooded Him and Left Him in a Florida Jail Cell The Root


U.S. COVID-19 cases cross 11 million as pandemic intensifies Reuters

Capitalist crisis

In Striking Reversal, One Bank Warns That 2021 Could See The “Biggest Fiscal Contraction In History” Tyler Durden

I’m seeing an industry disappear’: how lockdown is leaving hospitality workers homeless Guardian

Ambassador Pedro L. Pedroso Cuesta, Photo: Prensa Latina


Remarks by Ambassador Pedro L. Pedroso Cuesta at the Webinar on the Normalization of Relations between Cuba and the United States Resumen


Evo Morales: “I Never Imagined this Reception” Internationalist 360°


Trump Plans Final China Crackdown to Bind Biden Yahoo Finance

ASEAN, China, other partners sign world’s biggest trade pact ABC News

RCEP set to supercharge the New Silk Roads Asia Times Pepe Escobar


Peru: The Streets Call for a New Constituent Process Resumen

Polisario Front denounces Moroccan aggression in Western Sahara Peoples Dispatch

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