Sunday’s news links – Nov. 8, 2020

They lived paycheck to paycheck before the pandemic. Then their worst nightmare came true CNBC

The Electoral College serves to protect the interests of Big Capital Greg Butterfield

US election: women, the young, the working class, the cities and ethnic minorities get rid of Trump Michael Roberts

Trump seen golfing as major networks declare victory for Biden Business Insider

Trump Campaign Ends With Saddest Press Conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping


‘This Is a Grave Crime’: Rep. Ilhan Omar Condemns Israeli ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ After IDF Destruction of Palestinian Hamlet Common Dreams


As tensions simmer, Pacific Air Forces leaders say troops must be ready for conflict with China Stars & Stripes


Under Threat from the Coupist Right but with Great Popular Support, Luis Arce Assumes the Presidency of Bolivia Internationalist 360°

Arce Receives the Indigenous Staff of Command Before Assuming the Presidency of Bolivia Internationalist 360°

Nigerian women had a strong presence in the EndSARS protests Oct. 11, 2020.

Female leadership in Nigeria’s EndSARS movement helped it grow, then gave it staying power Quartz

As protests continue, Polish government takes a step back in implementing anti-abortion law Peoples Dispatch

Women were active hunters too during prehistoric times, says new study Peoples Dispatch

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