Monday’s news links – Nov 2, 2020

Jalil Muntaqim, recently paroled after 49 years, was arrested Friday and is facing re-imprisonment for completing a voter registration form SF Bay View

Four ways ‘Jim Crow 2.0’ is shaping this presidential election CNN

Heavily Armored NYPD Officers Arrest 10 While Quashing Small Anti-Trump Protest In Manhattan Gothamist

Trump’s plan to declare premature victory Axios

Feds to Erect Massive Fence Around White House for Election Day, Says Report Daily Beast

Why the Record Vote Turnout May Not Matter Jack Rasmus

Indigenous Peoples

How Native Americans were denied the right to vote for decades Washington Post

The Savage US Constitution w/ Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz The Red Nation

Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz explains how the drafting of the US Constitution aimed to finance endless Indian wars.

Capitalist crisis

Bidenomics: boom or bust? Michael Roberts

The unemployment crisis hiding in plain sight Axios


Lithium and the Putsch

Berlin is again seeking access to the world’s largest lithium deposits located in Bolivia – after having supported the putschists.

Bayer seeks to profit both from weedkiller linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and drug to treat it GMWatch

Contact restored with Philippine province hit by year’s most powerful typhoon; 16 dead Reuters

ELECTION 2020: Media Silence on Assange Aids Trump Consortium News


Prince William, 38, ‘secretly battled coronavirus in April’ – just days after his father Charles contracted it – and was left ‘struggling to breathe’ but didn’t want to ‘alarm’ the nation by revealing his illness Daily Mail

Panic buyers line up in huge queues as lockdown 2.0 sparks supermarket frenzy Metro

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