Sunday’s news links – Nov. 1, 2020

Alamance County Sheriff deputies pepper spray protesters at the I Am Change march in front of the Alamance County Courthouse in Graham, N.C. Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. Several arrests were made.

North Carolina police pepper-spray protesters marching to polls on final day of early voting Axios

March to Alamance polls ends with police using pepper-spray on protesters, children News & Observer

Report: Kentucky Police Presentation Quoted Hitler To Encourage ‘Regular Employment Of Violence’ Forbes

WATCH: Convoy of Trump supporters’ trucks surrounds Biden-Harris campaign bus to ‘escort it out of Texas’ RT

Trump Train swarms Biden bus on 1-35, and Trump is delighted Austin Statesman

Democrats Cancel Rallies after Trump Train Swarms Biden Bus, Sparking Safety Fears

November Surprise: President Maduro Warns of U.S. Plot teleSUR

Venezuela coup plotters met at Trump Doral. Central figure says U.S. officials knew of plan. Miami Herald

In a challenge to denials of government involvement, the ex-U.S. special operations sergeant whose security firm took part in a botched Venezuelan coup last May said two Trump administration officials met with and expressed support to planners of Operation Gideon, a Bay of Pigs-type operation that tried to oust Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro.

US: ‘Biden and Trump Agree on Far More Than They Disagree’ teleSUR

Once the world’s biggest company, the Exxon empire has crumbled Axios

The First 50 Years of James Bond Counterpunch. From the pen of the late great Alexander Cockburn

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