Saturday’s news links – Oct. 31, 2020

Unions discussing general strike if Trump refuses to accept Biden victory Guardian

Unions Representing Hundreds of Thousands of Workers Prepare for General Strike If Trump Subverts Election Results Common Dreams

Can Facebook be Used to Steal an Election? Counterpunch

Exxon Pays Off Shareholders, Lays Off Workers Gizmodo

Amazon now employs more than 1 million people Washington Post

‘Profit over death’: millions of American diabetics struggle to afford insulin Guardian

The Unseen Agenda Behind Trump: Destroy the Public Realm to Free the Rich CounterPunch

The 2020s Could Be as Dangerous as the 1850s Political Wire

BuzzFeed News says researchers claim that a single number they call the “political stress indicator” can warn when societies are at risk of erupting into violence. It’s spiking in the US, just like it did before the Civil War.

Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day Politico

Trump Admits That He Wants The Courts To Decide The 2020 Election RoF

Philadelphia police

‘Truly Sociopathic Behavior’: After Mother Beaten by Philly Cops, Fraternal Order of Police Use Photo of Terrified Toddler as Propaganda Common Dreams

Video surfaces showing Philadelphia police bashing SUV windows, then beating driver while child was in backseat Inquirer

It May Not Be Sunny in Philadelphia, But the Town’s Not Burning Either FAIR

John Brown—“one of the most clear-sighted and courageous patriots our nation has ever produced” An Interview with Marty Brown

Marty Brown is a descendant of Jason Brown, one of John Brown’s children. She lives in Portland, Oregon


Trump Rallies Likely Led to 700 Deaths Political Wire

A new Stanford University study estimates that 18 of President Trump’s campaign rallies from June 20 through September 22 have led to at least 30,000 coronavirus cases and more than 700 deaths.

Coronavirus: US becomes first country to record 100,000 new daily cases Independent

The United States said Thursday that it had sold Iranian oil seized on its way to Venezuela for more than $40 million.


US Sells Seized Venezuelan Oil for $40 Million While Gasoline Scarcity Ramps Up (Modern Piracy and US Sanctions) Orinoco Tribune

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