Friday’s news links – Oct. 30, 2020

Anthony Smith

West Philly Activist, Teacher Anthony Smith Facing Federal Charges Related To Riots Surrounding George Floyd Protests CBS Philly

Anthony Smith, of West Philadelphia, has been arrested and faces multiple federal charges related to the civil unrest. … Smith was profiled in Philadelphia Magazine’s list of Influential Citizens for his role in helping to topple the Rizzo Statue that was formerly in front of the Philadelphia Municipal Services Building.

America’s protest crackdown: five months after George Floyd, hundreds face trials and prison Guardian

Justice Dept. Is Said to Quietly Quash Inquiry Into Tamir Rice Killing NYTimes

An American Pogrom. Uncovering the truth about the 1898 massacre of black voters in Wilmington, North Carolina. NYRB


Facebook under fire for boosting right-wing news sources and throttling progressive alternatives Salon

Facebook admits it ‘improperly’ blocked some political ads due to ‘technical issues’ as Joe Biden’s campaign slams it for being ‘wholly unprepared’ Business Insider


M.T.A. Slashes in Service Could Erase 450,000 Jobs NYTimes

The Dow Has Lost 1,815 Points in the Past Three Trading Sessions: The Wall of Worry It Was Climbing Has Become a Wall of Chaos Wall Street on Parade

Trump Needs to Suppress the Vote to Win Political Wire

NYPD Critics Target Police Union Headquarters The Indypendent

DC police violently disperse crowd demanding justice for Black man killed in pursuit Peoples Dispatch


It’s time for Europe to stop blaming China for COVID-19 and learn CGTN

A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air El Pais

COVID-19 Is Killing My People—And No One Seems to Care The Atlantic

My part of the country doesn’t get much attention—not from the government, not from the media, certainly not from President Donald Trump (except when he’s ranting about his big, beautiful wall). We’re much closer to Mexico City and Monterrey than we are to New York City and Washington, D.C. People here laugh when the national media describe San Antonio as “South Texas”; Hidalgo County lies three hours farther south. Our county is more than 90 percent Hispanic; we are disproportionately poor, disproportionately susceptible to debilitating disease, disproportionately living without health insurance. But we are also human beings, and what happened to us this summer—what is still happening to us, in fact—shouldn’t happen to anyone.

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