Wednesday’s news links – Oct. 28, 2020


Ahead of National Guard arrival in Philly, tensions flared for a second night after police killed Walter Wallace Jr. Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia socialists share police scanner info to aid protesters, rioters NYPost

Racial reckoning, new development reignite tension over commemoration of historic Black cemetery in Bethesda Washington Post

A Virginia state senator found headstones on his property. It brought to light a historic injustice in D.C. Washington Post

Indigenous Peoples

How Indigenous Communities in Canada Organized an Exemplary Public Health Response to COVID Scientific American

A Flu Shot Might Reduce Coronavirus Infections, Early Research Suggests Scientific American


Here’s How Meatpacking Corporations Could Protect Workers From COVID-19—and What They’re Doing Instead Common Dreams

The Rust Belt boom that wasn’t: Heartland job growth lagged under Trump Reuters

Barrett confirmation likely to supercharge voter suppression efforts Liberation News

“He’s Down to Steal This Thing”: Kavanaugh Parrots Trump Mail-In Ballot Lies as Supreme Court Bars Extension of Wisconsin Deadline Common Dreams

“Kavanaugh is announcing to the world that if it will help Trump win he will join a decision to not count votes.”

Kavanaugh’s Opinion in Wisconsin Voting Case Raises Alarms Among Democrats NYTimes

The Supreme Court justice’s suggestion that ballots arriving after Election Day could “flip the results” left voting rights activists concerned about how the court might rule in postelection fights.

Records Show Trump’s Border Wall Is Costing Taxpayers Billions More Than Initial Contracts ProPublica

U.S. Treatment of Cameroonian Asylum-Seekers Is ‘Tantamount to Torture,’ Advocates Say Foreign Policy


100 days since the forced disappearance of Honduran Garífuna leaders Peoples Dispatch

How Trump and Bolsonaro Broke Latin America’s Covid-19 Defenses NYTimes

The two presidents drove out 10,000 Cuban doctors and nurses. They defunded the region’s leading health agency. They wrongly pushed hydroxychloroquine as a cure.


The US announces fresh sanctions against Iran’s petroleum sector Peoples Dispatch


How a key Pentagon official turned China policy over to arms industry and Taiwan supporters Grayzone

American troops could be sent to ‘defend the Senkaku Islands’, US commander says South China Morning Post

10 Ways to Call Something Russian Disinformation Without Evidence Sheerpost


Nationwide strike in Poland over abortion ruling The Canary

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