Tuesday’s news links – Oct. 27, 2020

Fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. prompts heated overnight protests in West Philly Philadelphia Inquirer

State attorney reduces some charges; refuses diversion to Tally 19 felony arrestees FightBack! News

Many protesters arrested related to September 5 are dedicated organizers who have for years been leading the fight for a Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) in Tallahassee. These arrests and charge – especially the felony charges – and diversion programs are political repression.

Portland Reckons With Police Attacks on Protesters After Months of Unrest Intercept


Utah’s hospitals prepare to ration care as a record number of coronavirus patients flood their ICUs Salt Lake Tribune

Herding People to Slaughter: The Dangerous Fringe Theory behind the Great Barrington Declaration and Push toward Herd Immunity Union of Concerned Scientists

Study Shows Covid-19 Antibodies Waning Over Time, Suggesting Immunity Might Wear Off WSJ

If confirmed, results suggest widespread long-term herd immunity will be difficult to achieve

How an Algorithm Blocked Kidney Transplants to Black Patients Wired

In Election Hail Mary, Jared Kushner Tells Black People They’re Lazy and Unambitious Vanity Fair


Carnegie Museum workers file for union election FightBack! News

IAM Local 1855 wins a better contract after strike in Appleton, WI FightBack! News

The Trump administration’s proposed independent contractor rule would cost workers at least $3.7 billion annually in lost pay and benefits Economic Policy Institute

Uber fires ethnic minority drivers based on a ‘racially-biased’ star-rating system, a new lawsuit claims. It accuses Uber of ‘intentional race discrimination.’ Business Insider

How Fast Can a “Shortage” of Office Space Turn into a “Glut?” San Francisco Shows How Fast Wolf Street


Ten-Point Summary to Understand the Brutal Tightening of the Blockade against Cuba Yisell Rodríguez Milán


#EndSARS: Nigeria’s Mass Movement

‘Where is Rudy?’: Inside Giuliani’s checkered track record as a pharma consultant STAT News

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