Saturday’s news links – Oct. 21, 2020

Demonstrators protest the October 20, police shooting that led to the death of 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette and left his girlfriend, 20-year-old Tafara Williams, with serious injuries on October 22, 2020 in Waukegan, Illinois.

‘Mama, They Just Shot Us For Nothing’: Protests Ensue In Illinois After Cops Kill Unarmed Black Teen And Injure His Girlfriend Blavity

The NYPD Unleashes Its Most Brutal Cops On Protesters Black Agenda Report


An epidemiologist explains the new CDC guidance on 15 minutes of exposure and what it means for you The Conversation

The Price for Not Wearing Masks: Perhaps 130,000 Lives NYTimes

How Trump Became the Pro-Infection Candidate The New Yorker

U.S. hits highest daily COVID-19 case count since pandemic began Axios

Trump’s campaign made stops nationwide. Coronavirus cases surged in his wake in at least five places. USA Today

Universal mask use could save 130,000 U.S. lives by the end of February, new study estimates STAT

Coronavirus: Germany improves ventilation to chase away Covid BBC

North Dakota seeks to repurpose coronavirus aid for fracking AP

How chicken plants became more dangerous places to work than coal mines Vox

EPA keeps public in dark about building roads from phosphate’s radioactive waste – so we can better see the eerie glow? Florida Phoenix

U.S. war drive

Global Thunder: Bombers practice for nuclear war Air Force Times

Elon Musk and the U.S. military plan to build a reusable 7,500mph rocket that can deliver 80 tonnes of cargo, including weapons, anywhere in the world in 60 minutes Daily Mail

Struggle-La Lucha’s Cheryl LaBash on PressTV on the U.S. elections 


Leaked emails suggest shocking US mercenary plot in Bolivia The Canary

Landslide Victory for MAS: Luis Arce’s Margin of Victory Grows to 26 Points as Vote Count Completed Orinoco Tribune

Time to Flee? Áñez Asks US For 350 Visas After Arce’s victory teleSUR

Almagro in the Dock after Elections in Bolivia Internationalist 360°


Chile: One Year Later, the Revolt Against Piñera Remains Massive Orinoco Tribune

Argentina’s Veteran Ambassador Makes a Stand for the Sovereignty of Latin America Resumen

When Going Green Backfires: Eco-Friendly Car Wiring in Newer Cars Apparently Attracts Rats Core77

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