Thursday’s news links – Oct. 22, 2020

Confirmation Hearings Exposed Barrett as a Hardcore Rightwing Activist Bill Blum

A Third Of The Decade’s Most Deadliest Mass Shootings Were Motivated By White Supremacy, Study Finds Blavity

I Was in the Room Where It Happened: One Woman’s Perspective on “The Trial of the Chicago 7” Nancy Kurshan

Customs and Border Patrol agents use tear gas on protesters.

Indigenous Peoples

Tohono O’Odham Condemns Use of Tear Gas at Border Wall on Protesters Native News Online


AstraZeneca shares turn negative after Brazilian health authority says volunteer in Covid vaccine study dies CNBC

Spike in South Korea flu shot deaths fuels vaccine doubts Al Jazeera

A Glimmer of Hope: Mortality Rate Is Improving for Hospitalized COVID Patients TruthOut

As Covid-19 intensifies, shortages of staple drugs may grow worse Stat

The EPA Refuses to Reduce Pollutants Linked to Coronavirus Deaths ProPublica

Prisoners Won The Right To Stimulus Checks. Some Prisons Are Standing In The Way. Marshall Project

Capitalist crisis

If the poorest Americans are selling their blood, the US is in serious trouble Arwa Mahdawi

The Fed Did a Lot of Talking Yesterday about a Big Bank Failure: Should We Worry? Wall Street on Parade

COVID and the trade-off Michael Roberts

Countries that had invested heavily in good health systems, applied effective test and tracing and yes, early lockdowns, have saved lives AND reduced the damaging economic impact of the pandemic (they are the countries in the top left of the graph below – [Vietnam and China]).

Media Owned by Wealthy Are Quick to Tell You Wealth Taxes Are a Bad Idea FAIR

U.S. retailers secure stores as worries about election unrest mount Reuters

USPS still hasn’t reversed election mail slowdown despite multiple court orders: attorneys general Salon


Bolivia: The Unity of an Organized People in Opposition to the Right-Wing Reactionary Program Resumen

The Bolivian people broke all barriers to vote in hope Peoples Digest

Bolivia: Right Wing Protests Against MAS Victory Begin Internationalist 360°


8,000 Colombians march to Bogotá demanding to meet with president Duque Peoples Dispatch


Trump Envoy Grenell Tried to Secretly Negotiate Maduro Exit Bloomberg

Revealed: UK Foreign Office has spent nearly half a million pounds in aid setting up anti-government coalition in Venezuela Daily Maverick

Latin America

Protests Against Greed and Inequality Are Spreading Like Wildfire Through Latin America MPN

Iron Curtain still separates Russia and the EU Asia Times

Karl Marx’s Debt to People of African Descent Review of African Political Economy

In this blogpost, Biko Agozino argues that Karl Marx was among the few European theorists of his time who did not try to conceal his ‘debt’ to Africa but celebrated such knowledge as foundational. Agozino shows how people of African descent were central to the theory, practice and writings of Marx. Marxism is not a Eurocentric ideology.

Zoom sleaze Jeffrey Toobin’s history of sex scandals: CNN analyst cheated on his wife, offered to pay for baby mama’s abortion, visited swingers’ club with Roger Stone and has a hardcore ‘fixation’ Daily Mail

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