Monday’s news links – Oct. 19, 2020

Bolivia’s presidential candidate Luis Arce of the Movement for Socialism party celebrates with running mate David Choquehuanca early on October 19, 2020 in La Paz, Bolivia.


MAS’ Luis Arce According to All Exit Polls is the New Bolivian President (Landslide Victory) Orinoco Tribune

Socialist Presidential Candidate Arce Wins Bolivia’s Elections teleSUR

Bolivian Elections Live Blog CEPR

Federal judge strikes down Trump plan to slash food stamps for 700,000 unemployed Americans Washington Post

‘Vile, Racist Postings’ by N.Y. Court Officers Included Obama in a Noose NYTimes

In Trump’s America, There Is Death Before Due Process Counterpunch


Sweden is moving away from its no-lockdown strategy and preparing strict new rules amid rising coronavirus cases Business Insider

WHO is right: lockdowns should be short and sharp. Here are 4 other essential COVID-19 strategies The Conversation

Top infectious disease expert warns the next 6 to 12 weeks will be the ‘darkest of the entire pandemic’ as he blasts Scott Atlas’ herd immunity claims as ‘pixie dust’ Daily Mail

The Great Coronavirus Divide: Wall Street Profits Surge as Poverty Rises The New Yorker

With Bankruptcies Mounting, Faltering Oil and Gas Firms Are Leaving a Multi-billion Dollar Cleanup Bill to the Public DeSmog

The Social Dilemma? Nope. Just Silicon Valley propaganda. Immigrants as a Weapon

California wildfires

Dying birds and the fires: scientists work to unravel a great mystery Guardian

Amid devastating US fires, experts urge fire prevention rethink Al Jazeera

Harper’s Provides a Chilling Account of Secret Presidential Powers

Andrew Cockburn has a stunning report in the November issue of Harper’s Magazine on secret Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) that “implement extraordinary presidential authority in response to extraordinary situations.” Cockburn notes that these sweeping powers have been “Compiled without any authorization from Congress” and were not on the public’s radar “until Donald Trump started to brag about them.”

Trump Has Emergency Powers We Aren’t Allowed to Know About NYTimes

There won’t be an Iran October Surprise The Iranian

2020 Nobel for Economics: A prize for privatization Peoples Dispatch

Huge cat found etched into desert among Nazca Lines in Peru Guardian

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