Sunday’s news links – Oct. 18, 2020

Photos show thousands joining the Women’s March in DC to protest Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination Business Insider

Dying Inside. The Hidden Crisis in America’s Jails Reuters

With Zuck’s Blessing, Facebook Quietly Stymied Traffic to Left-Leaning News Outlets: Report Gizmodo

Indigenous Peoples

Lobster pound used by Mi’kmaw destroyed by fire, Mi’kmaq Warrior Peacekeepers now present as protection PBI

Indigenous defenders are front-line essential workers The Star


Bolivia militarizes on election eve: Dispatch from the capital La Paz Grayzone

Hours before polls opened in Bolivia, de facto Interior Minister Arturo Murillo launched a massive military show of force, praising security forces for removing “dictator” Evo Morales from power in 2019.

Hours before Bolivia goes the polls, early results system suspended, military mobilization in La Paz Peoples Dispatch


U.S. is staring down a ‘substantial third wave’ of coronavirus cases. Here are the numbers CNBC

‘The wrong direction’: US reports highest daily coronavirus infections since July Independent

Trump’s COVID-19 treatment would have cost an estimated $650,000 out of pocket Business Insider

The president of a New York college resigns after more than 700 students test positive for Covid-19 CNN

COVID-19: The Case Against Herd Immunity Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Marcello Ferrada de Noli is a professor emeritus of epidemiology. Formerly at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and Harvard Medical School, he chairs Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, or SWEDHR.

China is back to normal — the US and Europe are not. Here’s how it succeeded. Business Insider

Wuhan, Former Pandemic Center, Emerges as Tourist Hot Spot WSJ

Inside the Fall of the CDC ProPublica

Coronavirus Threatens to Push the Child-Care Industry Over the Edge WSJ

Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Denmark Snubs Trump With Approval of Russian Gas Pipe to Europe Bloomberg


12.5 million lives stolen: What is owed Africa Quartz

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The IMF smokescreen Michael Roberts

California Wildfires

California’s record-breaking wildfires consume nearly 1 million acres in a month CNN

White House Reverses Decision And OKs Wildfire Aid For California NPR

California Wildfires Bring On ‘Catastrophic’ Year for Ranchers Bloomberg

Owls, caribou and B.C. forests on the chopping block The Narwhal

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