Wednesday’s news links – Oct. 14, 2020

Supreme Court allows Trump administration to halt census count Axios

To Stop an Electoral Coup, Study What Went Wrong in the 2000 Florida Recount Jacobin

Never Forget: Myra Selby Is The Black Woman Judge Whose Court Seat Was ‘Stolen’ For Amy Coney Barrett NewsOne

Why the George Floyd protests succeeded where others failed openDemocracy

A proper assessment of the current struggle for racial justice must consider not only what triggered the movement – but also why it has lasted. In other words, this movement has not only taken people to the streets but also opened paths for organisation. The most important contributor to the enhanced capacity to organise was the demand to defund the police – and its embracement by a larger number of movement participants and supporters.

New eyewitness accounts: Feds didn’t identify themselves before firing on Portland antifa shooting suspect Oregon Public Broadcasting

Uber is attempting to colonize the California government The Week


Japan supercomputer shows humidity affects aerosol spread of coronavirus Straits Times

US Patent Boss Says No Evidence Of Patents Holding Back COVID Treatments, Days Before Pharma Firms Prove He’s Wrong TechDirt

Europe Can Impose Tariffs on U.S. in Long-Running Aircraft Battle NYTimes

The World Trade Organization gave the European Union permission to tax up to $4 billion of American products annually in return for subsidies given to Boeing.


MAS Denounces that a Second Coup is Underway with Complicity Between the OAS, TSE, Armed Forces and Police Internationalist 360°


US Moves to ‘Secure the Oil’ in Syria by Building New Base in Crude-Rich Deir ez-Zor Sputnik


Beijing urges Asian nations to unite against Washington’s ‘old-fashioned cold war mentality’ RT

Xi Jinping tells marines to focus on ‘preparing to go to war’ in military base visit during southern China tour South China Morning Post

US spy planes posing as airliners ‘serious threat’ in South China Sea South China Morning Post

US sent 60 spy planes close to China in September: Beijing think tank South China Morning Post

As Taiwan’s profile rises, so does risk of conflict with China Axios

US plans to sell more drones, missiles to Taiwan: Report Al Jazeera

China threatens retaliation over US deals to supply Taiwan with arms South China Morning Post

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Tuesday said Beijing would retaliate in response to reports that the US Congress was reviewing three deals to supply Taiwan with advanced weaponry.


The “herd immunity strategy” isn’t part of a scientific debate about COVID-19. It’s a well-funded political campaign. Justin Feldman

Perhaps, Recall the Thalidomide Disaster, etc. while Searching for a Covid Vaccine

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