Sunday’s news links – Oct. 11, 2020

Tewa Women Lead Occupation and Lockdown of Santa Fe Racist Obelisk in Plaza Censored News

Contractors, scrap dealers selling border fence steel in Arizona and Mexico CBS5

Socialism’s Increasing Popularity Doesn’t Bring Media Out of McCarthy Era FAIR


Steps for Reducing COVID Transmission (GoogleDoc) Cyrus Maher, UCSF

U.S. Caps Troubling Week With Deadly Rebound of Covid-19 Bloomberg


Indonesia protesters: Our welfare will ‘only get worse’ with Jokowi’s new law Straits Times


Pompeo and the CIA against Venezuela Resumen


Xinjiang: A report and resource compilation Monthly Review


China’s Xi says intends to deepen relations with North Korea: KCNA

We’ve Completely Misunderstood ‘Survival of the Fittest,’ Evolutionary Biologists Say Swaddle

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