Saturday’s news links – Oct. 10, 2020

Sheriff Pal of Militia Twins: Whitmer Kidnap Plot Could’ve Been a Legal ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ Attempt Daily Beast

Whitmer conspiracy allegations tied to ‘boogaloo’ movement NBC

Will militias heed Trump’s call to watch the polls Guardian

Commerce Township inspector cut by razor-bordered Trump sign Detroit Free Press

VP Mike Pence, wife Karen request mail-in absentee ballots WISH


NYC Announces It Plans To Stiff Teachers On $900 Million Owed In Backpay Labor411

AT&T plans thousands of layoffs at HBO, Warner Bros., rest of WarnerMedia ars technica


Wisconsin: Mass arrests, tear gas, National Guard used against protesters FightBack! News

Philly Asian American leader arrested on littering, trespass charges related to protest weeks ago at Va. home of ICE director Inquirer

‘My Faith in This World Is Gone.’ For Protesters Injured by Police, There’s No Real Recovery Time

Trump quote

“If you fuck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are gonna do things to you that have never been done before.”

— President Trump, on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

It’s time to bust the myth: Most Trump voters were not working class. Washington Post, from 2017

The Senate: Profoundly Undemocratic

This week, Senator Mike Lee accidentally tweeted out a true statement. “We’re not a democracy.”

Indigenous Peoples

White Drivers Attempt to Kill Protestors With Vehicles – Hundreds of White Supremacists Attack O’odham Social Media with Death Threats Demanding Indigenous Water Protectors Be Run Over Counterpunch



‘So frustrating’: Doctors and nurses battle virus skeptics Associated Press

U.S. Sees Highest Number Of New Coronavirus Cases In 2 Months; L.A. County Above 1K Again Deadline

U.S. Caps Troubling Week With Deadly Rebound of Covid-19 Bloomberg

Workers With Health Insurance Face Rising Out-of-Pocket Costs NY Times

Wisconsin is setting up a field hospital for Covid-19 patients as a surge in cases overwhelms hospitals CNN

Fauci Calls White House Ceremony a ‘Super-Spreader Event’ Bloomberg

Regeneron Exec Makes $1 Million Windfall After Trump Hails Virus Drug Breaking News

Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing The Correspondent

The war on Cuba

“Playing a Card”: How Trump Used Cuba to Gain Points in Florida Miami New Times


Bolivia: OAS Prepares Electoral Fraud Internationalist 360°


The Truth about Venezuela! Adán Chávez Frías


Protests rage in Indonesia against anti-worker “omnibus law”, hundreds arrested Peoples Dispatch


China Joins WHO-Led Global Coronavirus Vaccine Effort As U.S. Sits It Out NPR

Why America’s Economic War on China is Failing CounterPunch


Actions across Russia honor 1993 Moscow Uprising

The revolutionary struggle against slavery Monthly Review

“For Che, the revolution was intrinsically international” Peoples Dispatch

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