Friday’s news links – Oct. 9, 2020

Did Trump’s “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” Tweet Inspire Militia Plot Against Gov. Whitmer? Truthout

51 arrested in Minneapolis after protesting Chauvin release MPR

After summer of protests, U.S. National Guard puts troops on standby for coming months: officials Reuters

Trump says Gold Star families could have given him Covid-19 Politico

Trump has ties to drugmaker Regeneron — and now its stock is surging CNN

Born with two strikes. How systemic racism shaped Floyd’s life and hobbled his ambition Washington Post

How Wisconsin Became a Bastion of White Supremacy TNR

Burning injustice: why the California wildfires are a class crisis openDemocracy

Republican senator says ‘democracy isn’t the objective’ of US system Guardian


The code: How genetic science helped expose a secret coronavirus outbreak (free) Washington Post

Bjorn’s Corner: Do I get COVID in airline cabins? Part 12. New results. Leeham News and Analysis

Coronavirus Hit the U.S. Long Before We Knew Wall Street Journal

Capitalist crisis

The 50 Richest Americans Are Worth as Much as the Poorest 165 Million Bloomberg

Amtrak warns an additional 2,400 jobs will be cut without more federal aid Washington Post

Alexey Navalniy

The craving for truth or a tool in the battle: what is the “poisoning of Navalny” for the politicians of USA and Europe? Capital News UK interview with Struggle-La Lucha’s Greg Butterfield


Trump administration imposes crushing sanctions on Iran in defiance of European humanitarian concerns Washington Post


US Southern Command Chief Admits Plans Against Venezuela teleSUR


Cuba makes joint statement on behalf of 45 countries at UN in support of China’s measures in Xinjiang Xinhua

Mike Pompeo lashes out at China at ‘Quad’ meeting in Japan BBC


Evo Morales Tells Jacobin: We’re Still Fighting the Multinationals Who Drove the Coup 

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