Tuesday’s news links – Oct. 6, 2020

Protesters in Cincinnati.

Daniel Cameron Lied About Breonna Taylor’s Killing New York Magazine

How Trump amassed a red-state army in the nation’s capital — and could do so again Washington Post

The Washington Post Oct. 6, 2020, report gives more details on the coup attempt (see Struggle-La Lucha’s report “Donald Trump’s June 1 coup attempt”). Trump planned to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act and deploy active-duty troops to suppress the nationwide protests that erupted following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Indigenous Peoples

EPA Set Secret Deadline for Oklahoma Tribes to Fight Loss of Sovereignty TYT

Governor Sent Secret Request to Permit Fracking, Hazardous Dumping, and Other Environmental Threats on Tribal Lands

Time’s Most Influential Indigenous Activist: ‘Capitalism Destroys The Whole Planet’ HuffPost


Nearly One-Third of Covid Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State NYTimes

The hospitalized patients showed signs of deteriorating neurological function, ranging from confusion to coma-like unresponsiveness, new research indicates.

17 at White House Have Now Tested Positive ABC News

Multiple sources said there is “a full-blown freak-out” in the administration.

CDC Says Virus Can Spread Indoors in Air Beyond Six Feet Bloomberg

Doctor Warns Trump’s Coronavirus Treatment Can Cause Psychosis, Mania HuffPost


Maduro gov’t scores legal victory in $1bn Venezuelan gold tussle Al Jazeera


New Evidence Implicates CIA in 1971 Attack on Cuba with African Swine Fever Virus CovertAction


U.S.-China Trade War. Has the Real “Thief” Finally Been Unmasked? Monthly Review

GOP senator falsely claims opponent was endorsed by Communist Party Washington Post

Europe Drives Destruction of US Forests in the Name of Fighting Climate Change Truthout

Capitalist crisis

Exclusive: U.S. banks prepare to seize energy assets as shale boom goes bust Reuters

Revolt of the Landlords: How Big Real Estate Crushed a Rent Control Law Capital & Main

U.S. faces shortage of up to 8 billion meals in next 12 months, leading food bank says Washington Post

Cinema Chains Near Collapse: The Problem Beyond the Pandemic Wolf Street

The cinema business – like brick-and-mortar malls – has been in structural decline long before the Pandemic. The number of movie tickets sold had peaked in 2002 in the US, and has since been declining, beset by competition from technologies that deliver movies to the home, at first DVDs, then Blue ray disks, and with the spread of broadband, online services, such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and others. People are watching more movies than ever. But they’re doing it at home: Before the Pandemic, the number of tickets sold had dropped by 22% from the peak in 2002 through 2019

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