Wednesday’s news links – Sept. 16, 2020

Im/migrants & refugees

Exclusive: Georgia doctor who forcibly sterilized detained women has been identified Prism

Smash white supremacy (& the police)

The Pervasive Violence of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department The Appeal

Compton Executioners deputy gang lied about guns and hosted inking parties, deputy says LATimes

Column: We don’t know much about the ambush of 2 L.A. County deputies. But we have scapegoats LATimes

Documents Reveal How the Police Kept Daniel Prude’s Death Quiet NYTimes

Omaha Bar Owner Charged in Death of Black Man Amid Protests The Daily Beast

Black churches say Donald Trump election ad incites ‘white terrorism’ Guardian

WATCH: Homeless Services Cops Cuff LIC Man Who Photographed Them Patch NYC

Government corruption and negligence drive most wrongful convictions, report finds NBC

Workers are essential

A week before Trump’s order protecting meat plants, industry sent draft language to feds USA Today

5300 UIC workers ‘strike for our lives’ FightBack!

Before COVID-19, the Number of Uninsured Americans Grew by 2.3 Million Under Trump Capital & Main

CDC: Roughly 75% of children who die from COVID-19 are minorities Axios


“I’m Scared For My Life”: Windowless School Kitchens Have Food Preparers Wary Of Returning Gothamist

Capitalist crisis

‘We were shocked’: RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1% FastCompany

Oil Demand Has Collapsed, And It Won’t Come Back Any Time Soon NPR


Palestinian-Americans Rally against Gulf Accords with Israel Medialine

Afro-Poland: a revolutionary friendship, captured in rare photos from 1955-1989


The difference between the U.S. and China’s response to COVID-19 is staggering Vijay Prashad and John Ross

Inside the World Uyghur Congress: The US-backed right-wing regime change network seeking the ‘fall of China’ Grayzone

Steve Bannon Is Behind Bogus Study That China Created COVID Daily Beast

America Is Going to Decapitate Huawei NYTimes

Huawei also illustrates China’s deep dependence on foreign — especially American — technology. As of Sept. 15, new Commerce Department regulations make it almost impossible for any company to sell Huawei computer chips without a license from the American government. But China cannot produce most of the essential advanced chips on its own. Beijing’s reliance on American tech demonstrates the United States’ extraordinary economic power

Chinese Communist Party Wants Stronger Role in Private Sector Bloomberg


Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 10 Craig Murray

Climate crisis

Oregon Wildfires Are So Devastating They’ve Brought in a Mobile Morgue The Daily Beast

US wildfires: Dirty air on west coast keeps residents trapped indoors Herald

Climate study of past 66 million years reveals earth’s current temperature rise is unprecedented Peoples Dispatch

The study published in the Science journal concludes that this human-made climate change is far beyond the natural changes that are triggered by the earth’s changing orbit

A Secret Recording Reveals Oil Executives’ Private Views on Climate Change NYTimes

New ‘Solar Cycle’ Has Begun, NASA Says Independent


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