Monday’s news links – Sept. 14, 2020

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies arrested a public radio reporter as she covered protests that erupted outside a hospital where two of the sheriffs’ gang of “Executioners” were being treated for gunshot wounds.

Compton “Executioners”

Ambushed LA Cops Were Shot Near Compton Police Station Linked To Alleged ‘Gang’ Of Rogue Officers NewsOne

L.A. County deputy alleges ‘Executioner’ gang dominates Compton sheriff station LATimes

KPCC Journalist Tackled, Arrested While Trying To Cover L.A. Protest NPR

L.A. deputies tackled and arrested a reporter. Her videos contradict their claims about the incident. Washington Post

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested correspondent Josie Huang while she was covering the ambush shooting of two deputies in Compton.

Citigroup Was Having a Helluva Bad Year – Now a Citi Senior VP Has Been Outed as the Man Behind a QAnon Conspiracy Website Wall Street on Parade

These Black Lives Matter Protesters Had No Idea How One Arrest Could Alter Their Lives Time

Trump says the Antifa rioter who shot dead a ‘MAGA martyr’ in Portland last month was served ‘retribution’ by US Marshals when they ‘killed him’ – and adds ‘that’s the way it has to be’ Daily Mail

Essential workers

With 200 Meat Plant Workers Dead, the Feds Issue 2 Fines Newser

‘A Huge Slap in the Face’: Family of Worker Who Died of Covid Slams Trump OSHA for Paltry $15,000 Fine Against Meat Company Common Dreams

Voter suppression

There’s nothing stopping the RNC from using voter intimidation tactics in November now that a decades-old agreement has ended, experts warn Business Insider

Indigenous Peoples

Rio Tinto chief Jean-Sébastien Jacques to quit over Aboriginal cave destruction BBC

The US rate of profit before the COVID Michael Roberts

Naomi Osaka Wins Her Second U.S. Open and Sends a Resounding Message That She Stands for Black Lives The Root

The rise of ultra-processed foods and why they’re really bad for our health The Conversation

Mosquito Clouds Killing Deer, Cattle In Southwest Louisiana HuffPost

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